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  • My New To Go Toy! - Laid C1 Vibrator
  • *Swoon* Worthy- Fun Factory's Amorino
  • Rotating Rabbit Vibe - The Bisous by Nexus
  • The Perfect First Time Anal Toy! - Flexi Felix Anal Beads
  • Intuitive G-spot Dildo! - Fun Factory's Curve
  • Stronic DREI Pulsator ~ A True Sex Machine!

    Fun Factory Stronic DREI Pulsator The Stronic DREI is NOT a vibrator, it’s a PULSATOR!! Let me explain. Pulsators look just like vibrators, but they behave entirely different. They do not vibrate; rather, they perform back and forth thrust motions that closely mimic the act of lovemaking. The best part is they do not require users to hold them in place or utilize their hands to work the toy. That’s right, this sexy little number can be used ‘Hands Free‘! It’s easy to see why Penthouse Magazine called the Stronic “the coolest sex toy of the 21st century” To learn more read our Review ...

    LELO Sex Toy Reviews

    More Hype Then It Delivered - Lelo IDA Couples Massager
    A Workout For Your Vagina - LELO LUNA Pleasure Bead System
    Sleek Couples' Vibrator - LELO NOA
    Your New Bestie! - LELO ALIA
    I Think I'm In Love! - LELO SIRI
    The Bar Has Been Raised - LELO SORAYA

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    Laid C1 Vibrator

    Laid C1 Vibrator ~ Sex Toy Review

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