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Enter to win the Toy of the Month – the Magic Wand Original!

Hey all you ToyWithMe followers We have a treat for you!! To help celebrate the launch of their new Australian toy. the Oz Wand, the makers of the Original Magic Wand will be giving away to one lucky reader their very own Magic Wand!! We love the Magic Wand so much we have made it the Toy of the Month. You can enter to win once a day, and this contest will run til the end of October on spooky Halloween. a Rafflecopter giveaway     … [Read More...]

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The Australian version of the Magic Wand Original – The Oz Wand®

    My very first sex toy ever was a Hitachi Magic Wand.  Before there were toy stores that women could shop in comfortably, and before the internet, the easiest way to get a toy was … [Read More...]


Everything you need to know before trying the “Grapefruit” technique

The Grapefruit Technique. If you haven’t seen this video yet, you might be thinking it’s a new diet craze. It isn’t. Nope. It’s actually all about sex. Oral sex. Before we go any further, you need … [Read More...]

Toy of the Month – The Magic Wand Original – the ‘personal massager’ turned sex toy.

Magic Wand Original How to get off in 2.5 seconds!
Have you ever walked into a sex toy store, looked at a product and thought either, "What the hell is this?" or, "I really don't want my kids stumbling on this while I'm out." Well there's really no reason to spend upwards of $150 on the top-of-the-line vibrator when you actually have many things around your house that no one would guess could be used for your delightfully secret purposes! These dual-purpose items are called "pervertables," and they're often just as good as their high-priced cousins.
Take for example the Magic Wand Original, which used to be called the Hitachi Magic Wand®. The Wand was originally designed as an electric "personal massager"and retails now for just $55.00. Not a bad deal when you consider that other products are well over $100, and you can't even let your kids or neighbors see the packaging, which means you're sneaking out to the garbage in the middle of the night like some kind of sex-crazed ninja. Awesome. With the Magic Wand, though, you're just buying a muscle massager with pictures of people happily using it on tired necks and shoulders... what you do with it behind closed doors is another matter!
To learn more read our review ...... The Magic Wand Review

AND - enter to win your very own Magic Wand. The makers of the Magic Wand Original and the Oz Wand, have a Magic Wand to giveaway to one lucky ToyWithMe'er. Contest will go til the end of the Month, and you can enter every day.
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