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Fun Accessories for the Fleshlight!

All month we have been covering the Fleshlight for the guys.  This #1 selling toy for men has been our toy of the month and we've given a few of these bad boys away. But.....there are a lot of fun accessories I want to tell you about to go with your Fleshlight!  Who knew this toy could be so versatile! The all-new Fleshlight LaunchPAD is the ideal companion for iPad® and Fleshlight users alike. Pair these two iconic products to gain a whole new perspective on masturbation and couples … [Read More...]

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Toy of the Month – The Fleshlight – the #1 selling men’s sex toy!

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Guys can have toys too! Alone time just took on a whole new meaning!
Sex toys are great! Sex toys for men? Awesome! I know, I know, it may sound creepy at first but hey, everyone has needs and everyone certainly deserves to feel pleasure! Right? Let me tell you about this brilliant little device created just for men then you can make up your mind! The FleshLight is the #1 selling male sex toy in the world! So what is it? Ladies, we have our dongs, dildos and vibrators and it seems like we have all the fun! I must disagree after discovering this great toy. If you are a man or your special guy is looking for something to make his masturbation experience more realistic then this is most definitely the toy for you! To learn more read our review ...... The Fleshlight Review