Guys can have toys too! Time alone just reached a whole new level!

Fleshlight-girl-stoyaSex toys are great! Sex toys for men? Awesome! I know, I know, it may sound creepy at first but hey everyone has needs and everyone certainly deserves to feel pleasure! Right? Let me tell you about this brilliant little device created just for men then you can make up your mind!

The FleshLight is the #1 selling male sex toy in the world!

So what is it?  So ladies, we have our dongs, dildos and vibrators and  it seems like we have all the fun! I must disagree after discovering this great toy. If you are a man or your special guy is looking for something to make his masturbation experience more realistic then this is most definitely the toy for you! The FleshLight consists of an inner sleeve made from flesh-like velvety  material that feels amazing and is made to mimic a woman’s lady parts! The inner sleeve is available in various flesh tones to represent different textures for your imagination. The sleeve itself is housed by a plastic case that is designed like an oversized flashlight to keep your toy discreet. The other cool thing is that the inner sleeve is available in fun options like Vulva, mouth and anus to give you the entry of your choice. Talk about variety!?

 Options?  There are 48 different internal textures to choose from and various grip insertions to play with as well. The various insertions also allows for you to measure yourself so that you get the exact snug fit that you need to get off. Be accurate and honest in your measurements as this is beneficial to you to get the appropriate size to avoid a loose feeling around your penis!  If you’re thinking that this toy sounds too good to be true, you won’t believe this – it gets better! Can you believe that 19 of those 48 options are shaped and made from molds of the vagina of Adult film Stars like Jenna Jameson. Misty Stone, and more! Take your pick fellas!

 How does it work?  Well it’s pretty simple, and effective. Insert your penis into the devise and go to town!  Not only does this device feel close to the real thing, the product is durable and it is easy to clean as you can ejaculate directly into the device avoiding a splattering mess.  And best of all, it’s easy to hide. The other thing that I like about this toy is that it has an adjustable pressure cap which allows you to control the various levels of suction. This toy allows for a great buildup leading to a prolonged intensified Climax!  Add your favorite lube for a special treat or add warming gel for a warm, snug feeling.

Why is it so awesome?  This toy allows for men to step out of the norm with “Good ol Palmella” (the hand ) and invest in something that will help them to engage more into exploring themselves and discovering their own personal pleasure as women are so encouraged to do . Men have to have play time to, and this toy should be in their toy box for sure! Not only would this be great for alone time, I could see this being a great addition for couple fun to spice up the bed room. Provide a visual stimulation for your guy and watch him pleasure himself to the beautiful sight of you.

Who says masturbation has to be the same old boring, predictable thing every time? With this toy there is so many ways to add variety it could be like being with a different partner each time! Discreet packaging when delivered and discreet casing in general allows for this toy to be tossed in your drawer and easily mistaken for a flash light!

Excited?  Want to try one?  How ’bout win one??  We have several of these to giveaway this month for #AdultSexEdMonth.  Stay tuned for your chance to one on of these babies!

And, if you’re not a lucky winner, and want one anyways – Get yours at!!

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  1. Jonathan

    Had one for around 6months now – completely worth the money you pay for it. Bit of a pain to wash it but it’s really simple as the fleshlight sleeve can come straight out.

    If you’e going to get a fleshlight – get the fleshlight girls collection. 100x better than the average pink lady.

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