About The Site

At 40 something I have bypassed the age where concern for others opinions has gone out the window and discovered the importance of being all about me. Now if only I can stay focused long enough to remember this.

What I do remember is becoming 40 drastically altered my sex life and I was not ready. My libido disappeared, my vagina dried up, and I felt like my mother in my “sexy” lingerie. My hot flashes became so intense I honestly believed I was the cause of global warming and I was having more mood swings then Tarzan had vines in the jungle.

Apparently this was called “The Change of Life” – my fear – what am I changing into? I soon realized I was becoming a sex deprived lunatic that somewhat resembled my former self, with more grey of course. I loved sex and every aspect about it, this was not sitting well with me.

Not willing to go down without a fight I researched endlessly to save my dwindling sex life. The result – rediscovering myself and a new improved sex life along with it. Knowing the frustration and lack of self esteem I experienced at the time it seemed selfish of me not to share.

So here I sit working on my blog in hopes that all women like myself will find humor, vitality and a fabulous new outlook on sex.