About Toy With Me

At 50 something I have bypassed the age where concern for others opinions has gone out the window and I’ve discovered the importance of being all about me. I have come into my own – both personally and sexually.

What I do remember is becoming 50 drastically altered my sex life.  I was past menopause, newly single, and wanting to revive my younger, and sluttier, days.  I was not ready for my libido disappearing, my vagina drying up, and feeling like my mother in my “sexy” lingerie. I went through the sexless, or at least not such good sex, marriage.  My husband and my hot flashes were gone, I was dating, I was sexually active, and I wanted to enjoy it!

Apparently I have gone through the “The Change of Life” – and I survived it.  I loved sex and every aspect about it, and I issued in this new era of my life with a new found commitment to be on a path of self discovery, exploration, and openness. I wanted to try it all!

The result – rediscovering myself and a new improved fabulous sex life along with it. Knowing the frustration and lack of self esteem I experienced in the past it seemed selfish of me not to share.  I’ve broadened my horizons and while my explorations may not be for everyone, I want to share so more women know that there is a whole world out there having awesome sex and enjoying it!

No matter what stage in life you are in – sex should be important, passionate, and fun.  Sex can be more than just two people ‘doing it’.  Sex with yourself, or a variety of people (sometimes all at once!) can be liberating.

And toys!  Adding fun, new sensations, and a whole new level of play.  I’m excited to pass along what I have found to be the things you need to add to your toy box.

So here I sit working on my blog in hopes that all women like myself will find passion, vitality and a fabulous new outlook on sex.


🙂 Jenna