Afterglow Toy Wipes

Taking the work out of what is supposed to be play is an accomplishment you don’t happen upon very often. Today’s highest caliber toys are the product of a dedicated effort toward making our orgasms more fun and easier to obtain. (We must’ve done something good somewhere along the way!) Vibrators whose dual motors operate independently to give us multi-zone stimulation. Dildos that track and massage our g-spot. Lubricant that warms as we use it. Why not a cleaning routine that’s more efficient, too? Afterglow wipes contain a multi-purpose formula that makes playtime clean-up faster and easier while also pampering our bodies.

Pre-moistened sex toy cleaning tissues … brilliant! After a divine and relaxing play session that leaves me feeling like a lethargic rubber band, I don’t want to have to rally to do my chores, toting my toys to the sink for their washing, or making a mess spraying them down, and then washing myself with soap and water, and then having another washcloth to add to the laundry pile. Now, with my very clever purchase, I can love my playtime even more, either at home or on the road. Pre- and post-play cleaning right from my bed means I can bask carefree in the afterglow!


Just $6 for a re-sealable 20-pack ($1 for a single) buys you a one-shot-deal toy cleaner that cleans and sanitizes any type of toy, and even cleans you-safely and effectively. Afterglow wipes are large, durable, soft, cloth-like tissues that effortlessly remove lube, disinfect toys with active anti-bacterial and anti-microbial ingredients used by hospitals to prep surgical patients, and sanitize and revitalize our skin with Bergamot essence. Formulated with a former Estee Lauder product developer, as well as Vibratex tested, approved and recommended, Afterglow wipes contain no alcohol or perfume and will not leave fibers or residue in their wake.

After a fabulous and very productive (ahem) play session with my vibe and dildo, I used one Afterglow wipe to clean them both, and a second one to clean the lube and “fruit of my labor” off of me. My skin felt invigorated and the moisture dried very quickly as I dressed. So simple and efficient … my toys were clean and waiting for next time, and I was fresh and ready for the rest of my day. Yay for easy!

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Ins and Outs


      • If you are as “busy” as I am, you may wish they came in larger quantities.


      • No fuss, no muss! Fast, easy cleaning before and after play.
      • Alcohol- and perfume-free. Nothing you don’t want or need.


      • Large, durable, soft, cloth-like tissues – 7.9″ x 5.9″.


    • Active anti-bacterial and anti-microbial ingredients.
    • Leaves behind no irritating fibers or residue.
    • Lab formulated with a former Estee Lauder product developer.

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