Look Out BlogHer Here I Come!


It’s that time of year again when party invites start rolling in, anything with glitter is flying off the racks for Sparklecorn and calendars are being drafted with all the exciting events you plan to attend. Yes my little chick-a-dees it’s BlogHer time and I have some over the top exciting news to share with you!

BlogHer 2011 Contest!

This year I have an amazing sponsor!! Together we have been working hard to bring you an incredible line up of exciting swag, giveaways and a fab-u-lous contest to win the newly released and highly innovative squeezeable Minna Ola!  Entering is easy peasy.   Find me at BlogHer (just tweet me), and ask  “What’s All The Buzz About?” Hand me your business card, and BAM, you’re entered.  Trust me you want to see Ola in action!

BlogHer 2011 Party – WOOT!

Yes, you heard correctly.  Babeland.com and your resident sexpert – that’s me – are hosting a titillating party at BlogHer this year and you’re invited!!  There are only 40 tickets available so sign up STAT and don’t miss out.   Check out the details …

Party Update

Due to an overwhelming demand spots for the party have all been spoken for.   Stayed tuned as we work on a possible larger venue to accommodate all those who would like to attend.  Don’t miss out! Add yourself to the waiting list now.

Don’t Be Shy!

I want to meet you!  Yes, you!  So don’t be shy, just tweet me to hook up or look for the chick in the Toy With Me tee.  Who knows I might have a sexy surprise for your efforts.  Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Toy With Me About Toy With Me


  1. Ah! San Diego?! WHY DIDN'T I KNOW THESE THINGS WHILE I WAS THERE! Damn you, evasive internet. >.O

  2. you know i love that pic and all of you luscious ladies! so sorry i missed your party and the conference this year. next year, it's on like donkey kong! xoxo

  3. You are the ultimate glitter party girl at blogher!!!! Woo HOOOOOO!

  4. Oh… I really wish I could go! There's no way I'll be able to make it from St. Louis to San Diego..

  5. Soooo what did you guys think of the pic with this post? I….absolutely love it! Without words it sums up my entire conference experience & I wouldn't have changed a thing. The balloons, hanging with Jenny, Lin doing a photo shoot for me with Jenny, tongues, We-Vibe photo shoot ;) tongues, the hotel bar, the fucking elevators that took 3 hours & got so packed my orgasmic button went off one time, did I mention tongues?

    • I did not even know this photo exists until I saw it here. LOVE IT. Thank you for bringing back the memories. It was a grand fabulous time and it's amazing I remember everything after all that binge drinking! You are going to be hanging out with some fabulous ladies I am sure. And you are hosting your own fucking party! So dare I ask: Have you decided what to wear AND what to pack yet? LOL. How many pairs of shoes? ;-)

  6. Stop it! I miss you guys sooo much already :( I loved meeting each of you and hanging out together! But of course, clearly, my favorite part of the entire conference was that ass slap! Just the right amount of wrist action ;)

    As for the vodka/cran can I start counting those at the airport before takeoff? New York is on my list of places I really want to go. It may take a while but I would love to see all of you again. *muah* xoxox

  7. I cannot believe I am going to miss your party! Did I tell you enough yet that I can still remember the feeling in my palm when I slapped your firm buttock? ^_^ And it is amazing how none of us have got sick after all that tongue action. LOL. Miss you. Have fun. Have fun for all of us that will be missing it this year. By my count, that means you need to drink about 12 dozen vodka cran. xxoo

  8. Elly Lou says:

    You're throwing a party the year I can't come? The hell! Jiggle something for me inspirit, will ya?

  9. Awe, what fun memories…I am sad not to be going this year!

  10. Toywithme says:

    Awesome ladies, can't wait to meet you!!

  11. i'll be there!!

  12. EvilSlutClique says:

    We'll be there! We love Babeland and this sounds like an awesome event.

  13. Toywithme says:

    Add your name here if you're coming, I'd love to know who I get to meet!