“Sex It Up” Valentine’s Day Contest!

Thanks to everyone who entered our Valentines Day contest!  A very creative group I must say.  It was difficult to pick the winners but a girls got to do what a girls got to do.  Soooo….

Drum roll please!

The Winner of the LAYAspot is … DEE – congratulations Dee!  Please email me your address and phone # to receive your prize.

The Winner of the Tango is … Alisha – congrats!!  Enjoy!!


It’s time to get your sexy on and spice up your evening with love & seduction!  Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember!

This innovative vibrator is designed to stimulate through caressing and massaging by simply placing it on the body’s external erotic hot-spots.  LAYAspot is perfect for both men and women, making it an excellent addition to any romantic escapade.  As with all Fun Factory toys, LAYAspot is available in a sassy array of sumptuous colors.


They say it takes two to tango, hence the name of this multi-talented toy.  Designed for dual stimulation Tango features two individual pleasure points.  The silicone shaft with its subtle yet extremely effective bump caresses your G-spot, while the second part of the Tango is perfect for clitoral stimulation.  An excellent toy to get buzzy with this Valentine’s Day!

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  1. why will i come back and visit you? Because i am sick of people stigmatizing healthy sexual activity. Rock on!

  2. What if you're a regular without a Twitter account! Oh, the /anguish/ beating upon my narrow breast! Oh, wait, that's my lover. Coming, sweetie!

    Ahem. I keep coming back because everything here cracks me up! And the toy reviews make me horny. Which is always good. I've purchased a few things based on the reviews here, and they never disappoint! I like that we get the pros /and/ cons in the reviews; multiple angles, not just the pitch. So far as the toys themselves, when the silky smoothness of the silicone reminds me enough of my lover's gentle hands, how can one not learn to love it? These are the *only* toys that have ever brought me sufficient stimulation when she's not around. Ever. And to think I spent almost a decade thinking a toy couldn't get me off!

    That, and the lovelies who post other tips, tricks, and tails are so engaging to read! I think we would be friends in real life. Awesome sex-talking friends. If, you know, we lived in the same country. (Ever notice how no-one else really wants to talk about sex with you? In a coffee shop? Or on the street?) I've gotten so many ideas from you and your collaborators (past and present) on how to keep my partner's vagina happy — and mine, too!

    I know this doesn't count as an entry (oh, Twitter), but it seemed the perfect opportunity to gush about all the wonderful things you and yours have done for me. Feel the love!

    • Hope you and your lover had a great time ;) Thrilled to hear our reviews have been so helpful and you came to discover that toys can be magical. I do believe we would definitely be friends in real life :) And anyone who gushes as good as you is most certainly entered into our contest!!

      Thanks for the awesome feed back!!

  3. i like a good contest…:)

  4. I'll come back to learn more about sexual-y stuffs! I'm doing the waiting-for-marriage thing (despite being a heathen pagan), so I need to rely a bit more on toys and things to keep both myself and my partner happy! XD

  5. Steven Gaither says:

    I come back to see about more contests.

  6. Well… as a woman who has been separated from her boyfriend by the Atlantic Ocean since September 2011, and will continue to be separated until I finish this beast of a Masters programme in September 2012, I'll come back for information on new toys, ideas to keep things interesting while we're apart, and for some fun.
    I was recommended this page by a friend of mine, and it seems that your sense of humour is on par with the advice and reviews you give. Plus, I followed your link to 'Shit Guys Don't Say' on facebook tonight and laughed so hard I posted it on basically all my social networks. Anyone who can make me laugh like that deserves some repeat attention. :)

    • Don't stop Amanda!!! *blushes* I freaking love that video clip! Thanks for sharing it. I know all about being separated, so we'll see what TWM can do to keep us amused ;)

  7. As a lover of sex toys, why wouldn't I come back?

  8. I'll come back because you guys seem to be made of a perfect mix of wonderful and crazy.

  9. I will come back to learn from what you have to offer…

  10. We'll come back for the following reasons:
    – To find out about the latest luxury toys of course.
    – To read the awesome articles/stories.
    – To learn new ways to remain a happy couple.
    – To see that we've been chosen to win our first luxury sex toy! (and we can empty the drawer full of half working "non-luxry" sex toys that we've accumulated.)

  11. Wow! Thanks so much Lisa! So glad you stopped by and I look forward to chatting with you more.

  12. After stumbling upon your website, I subscribed to your facebook and have completely enjoyed everything you have to offer. Your site has everything a girl (and guy) could ask for. Information, laughs, passion and great people. I now have the perfect website to recommend to friends. I appreciate your time and effort and look forward to more!

  13. Gerard Vand says:

    There’s much to learn in life and someone with a vagina who’s not afraid to use it has obviously plenty to teach. I may be male, but I love my wife and her vagina, so I am intreged to learn from you as we are about to both enter our 40’s and instead of losing the love bug I want to keep loving my wife’s vagina.(and her of course). This will keep me coming back for tips and ideas that you and your outgoing vagina have to offer.

    • Welcome Gerard! You sound like a very loving husband :) I hope you do keep coming back & enjoy everything my vagina has to offer. (Metaphorically, of course)

  14. Hey, I know you! Welcome :) Great site!

  15. That's awesome you'll keep coming back Jason, thanks! I have some reviews coming up shortly, hopefully you'll enjoy them :)