Are Higher-priced Sex Toys Really Worth It?


Thanks to Stacy from My Secret Luxury for this guest post!
From the limestone dildo of the ancient Egyptians to steam-powered vibrators of the Victorian era, cheap plastics and rubbers of the 1950’s and into the computer age; the evolution of the sex toy paints a picture of our technological development.

But technology of any era shares a single constant; you get what you pay for. And what you’ve been paying for up until now may shock and even sicken you, if it hasn’t already.

Luckily, improved materials and advancing technology have given consumers a wide variety of higher-end sex toys that have multiple advantages over their lesser-priced cousins.

Better Performance

A cheap vibrator is likely to have a cheap motor.  It may be serviceable for a few sessions, but it’s unlikely to last far beyond that.  And while it works, it’s likely to be weak, a less moving experience.  Or it may be loud and clumsy, telling your family members or even your neighbors more than they want or need to know.

But today’s better-quality toys are quieter and more powerful, with greater ranges of settings for different speeds and sensations.  From jackhammer strong to a feather touch, today’s higher-priced sex toys really deliver.  If the neighbors are hearing you, at least they’ll only be hearing you.


Forget the plastic vagina or the rubber dong.  Today’s vibrators are simple and sophisticated. Glass dildos are often hand blown and look more like works of art than sex toys.  Some people even keep them out on their nightstands as decorations, though this may not be ideal for a Thanksgiving table centerpiece (even if it would give new meaning to the term horn of plenty).  And today’s modern toys have shrunk down considerably. Smaller toys and discreet designs make today’s higher quality sex toys more than a mere fetish; they’ve become a lifestyle.  And what a lifestyle!

Remote Control

Batteries were the heartbeat and the lifeblood of the vibrator for years, but those days are over!  And because today’s high-quality sex toys can be activated remotely, they are perfectly suited to lovers and couples-play as well as individual amusement.  They can be activated from anywhere in the world, taking the distance out of any long-distance relationship and turning every business trip into an erotic play-cation.


If water-play is your thing, today’s high-quality sex toys will give you plenty to splash about.  Old technologies prevented the vibrator from submerging, but now you can really batten down the hatches because water-safe toys are more versatile. Hot tubs, swimming pools, bathtubs and other watery environments so conducive to sex and sensuality are now the perfect places to heighten your physical experience, or your lovers’.

Body-Safe Materials

This, if you’ll pardon the expression, is a biggie: What a lot of people don’t know is that the adult toy industry is unregulated, which means that toxic plastics and rubbers have long been used in the lower-end sex toys. Phthalates and other toxic chemicals found in these materials are hazardous simply to touch, and these are objects innocent consumers have been inserting into their bodies for years, even generations.

Until now!  Today’s high quality sex toys are made with body-safe, phthalate-free materials that are both long-lasting and hypoallergenic. With proper care and cleaning, they can remain sanitary and provide years of worry-free use.

How much does quality cost?

It varies, of course.  But for a high-quality sex toy, you can expect to pay about $100 or more.  That may sound like a lot.  But it’s a lot less than you’ll pay for a flat-screen TV, a new iPhone, or a nice evening out.  And you’re likely to get more hours of pleasure from your new high-quality sex toy than any TV or phone can provide (depending on what you’re watching, of course).

So don’t be afraid to give high quality sex toys a second look.  They’re worth the price, if you’ve got an open mind … among other things.

Do tell Toy With Mes …

We believe sex toys should not only be fun but also safe. Were you aware that the adult toy industry is unregulated? When purchasing sex toys do you check to make sure they are body-safe and made of non-toxic chemicals? Will you now that you know you could be inserting toxic’s into your body? We hope so!

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  1. I wrote a very indepth article earlier this year about the unregulated industry. Just because a sex toy is expensive, does not mean it is trustworthy. The label can say phthalates-free, but it may not be.

    • I’d love the link to your post Dangerous Lilly. I agree price does not always dictate quality, although I find more reputable brands tend to put the effort into making sure their products are body-safe. It’s important to me to do my best to inform my readers of the quality and safety of the toys they purchase. And yes, since there are no regulation guidelines for sex toys it’s easy for companies to say whatever they feel to appease their clients which I find disturbing and unethical.

  2. Camryn

    Are those the Leaf vibes? Where’d you get purple ones?!
    This is a great resource to have on your blog. My mom thinks I’m nuts for spending $40.00 on a dildo; never mind that there are toys that retail for twice that and over. Being able to tell people why the price is what it is tends to make them more comfortable, or at least that’s my experience with other products. I don’t see why sex toys should be any different 🙂

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