What I Wish I’d Known About Sex


Well, Toy With Me-ers, it’s been a hell of a lot of fun working with you guys on the site. I can’t believe I’ve actually been writing here for a year and a half, but time flies when you’re having fun with your vagina. And fun was had by all. This, I regret to inform […]

Las Vegas Fails On The Sexy Front


Right before Christmas, I did what all good girls do and packed my bags and flew to Las Vegas. Alone. I’d never been to Vegas, but every time I told someone I was going, they were all, “OMG, AUNT BECKY, VEGAS IS SOOOOO CRAZY,” so I was kind of disappointed when I un-boarded the plane […]

8 Amazing And Bizarre Sex Toys

awww, cute

Sex toys are pretty full of the awesome. You take the word “sex” and you add “toy” to it and you’re guaranteed an instant win there…unlike the lottery, which we all know is a joke. Unless you’re winning it, in which case you should probably give me some of your winnings or at least a […]

A Letter To My Gay Friends

A letter to my gay friends

Dear Gay/Bi/Curious Teenage Prankster Who Is Being Bullied By Bullshit Bullies, Chances are, you don’t know me from a hole in the ground. In fact, a hole in the ground may look more familiar than I do, but I am Your Aunt Becky, and while we may not actually be related by blood, I have […]

The Story Of A Failed Orgy

The failed orgy

In an uncharacteristic moment of peace (trying to bend spoons with my mind is hard, yo), I went back and read Chrissy and Ken’s columns about threesomes again. I don’t generally have the time to do that these days, what with the spoon bending and all, but I was trying to figure out what I […]

My Take On How To Have Better Sex

Have Better Sex

It has come to our attention over at Toy With Me that perhaps we do not talk about how much we like The Sex enough. This tickled my wee funny bone, because perhaps I haven’t conveyed properly that one of the things I like most in the world (besides Diet Coke and napping) is The […]

Why I Write About The Sex On The Internet

Why I write about sex on the internet

When I first announced that I was writing a sex column over here on Toy With Me, I was met with a lot more, “well, what are your KIDS going to do when they find out that Mommy wrote about her VAGINA on the INTERENT!!!!” (I find those added exclamation points always add a little […]