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Roxy Rules is a professional writer, editor and adult-sexuality educator. She’s the bottom half of a kinky, married couple living their dream life in Baltimore. Roxy’s erotica has been featured on, Oysters and Chocolate, and a variety of other online and print venues. Together with her husband, she presents nationwide on topics like sensual bondage, communication and negotiation, polyamorous relationships, and anal play for women. They’ve had the honor of presenting their unique, no-dogma version of kinky sexuality at a wide range of venues, including Black Rose, Camp Crucible, Bondage Club Baltimore, FetFest, AIS Winter Wickedness, Bound in Boston, and Shibaricon. Roxy is a confirmed fashionista, lover of high heels and fetish wear, alternative community advocate, and an award-winning cook. Follow Roxy on social media at: Twitter – @HammerAndRoxy, Facebook – Hammer N Roxy ~Roxy
we-vibe 4 plus

A Pocket Full of WOW!

    By now, the We-Vibe has become a household name. These cool little vibrators combine a powerful clit stimulator with an insertable side meant to stimulate the g-spot. Great for solo play, or as…