Boobie Wednesday Trading Cards

October is officially breast cancer awareness month and in light of that, my awesome sauce friends at Boobie Wednesday have put together a boob-a-li-cious non-profit fundraiser!

Toy With Me fans, I present: Boobie Wednesday Trading Cards!

Thanks to the fantabulous Wookiesgirl who saw promise in a friends idea and ran with it. Along with the help of her incredible husband Wookie the project, which started months ago,  has finally become a reality.

What are Boobie Wednesday Trading Cards you ask? Well, they are an easy, fun way for you to help donate to breast cancer charity.

Twenty-four women generously donated a picture of their cleavage to be used for their card. Sold in packs of six,  you can purchase as many packs as you like. Cards will be selected at random for each pack. On the back of each card, there are two breast cancer facts. Education and awareness is our goal and having a bit of fun in the process is part of it.

And for the ladies – they do not disappoint!! Five of the Mr. Romance contestants from the 2011 RT BookLovers Convention, as well as Mr. Romance 2011 himself, are participating. Men get breast cancer, too, and we are so grateful these gentlemen have decided to lend their support to Boobie Wednesday.

The Boobie Wednesday Trading Cards are available now at:  An amazing site designed and run to help raise breast cancer awareness.  Visit them to learn more!

You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter: @boobiewed or @boobiewednesday

Facebook: Boobie Wednesday

All proceeds will be donated to breast cancer charity.

Special thanks to Toy With Me, for allowing us a little space on their site. It is appreciated!

Thank you for your support!

Please note: The pictures on the cards are not nude. They are selected avatars that the participants use on their Twitter accounts when they support #boobiewed/#boobiewednesday each week.


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