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3 Ways to Turn Up the Heat in the Bedroom

Bisexual woman upon ocean

A fresh look on being bisexual from our newest TWM blogger

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Menopause: Finding Your Groove When Mother Nature Screws You Over!

Get Your Sexy Back! ~ Spicing It Up!

Get Your Sexy Back! ~ Moms Can Be Sexy Too!

Making Sex a Priority

Get Your Sexy Back! ~ Making Sex a Priority!

Get Your Sexy Back!

Get Your Sexy Back! ~ Overcoming Stress

Getting Your Sexy Back - Flirting

Get Your Sexy Back! ~ Flirting 101.

Getting Your Sexy Back!

Get Your Sexy Back! Take a journey with me!


The Fuckit List. A Bucket List For Sex!

Self Love

Virgin Sexuality

The Art of Seduction 101


Where Has All The Sex Gone?

Just Do It.

When It Comes To Sex. Just Do It.

I suck at flirting

Americans Suck At Flirting

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Let Me Tell You About My Sex Dreams

A letter to my gay friends

A Letter To My Gay Friends

No girl on gorl for me

Girl On Girl Action Isn’t For Me

Why I write about sex on the internet

Why I Write About The Sex On The Internet

Sometimes, I'm just not in the mood

I’m Not In The Mood For Sexy Time

Giada covered in sauce

Lets Talk About Food And The Sex

Sex on the beach

Sex On The Beach – Fantasy Fulfilled

What makes you feel sexy?

What Makes You Feel Sexy?

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Sex Toy Parties – Lessons In Humiliation


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In Search Of A Crystal Studded Ball Gag


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Sex in the suburbs

Sex In The Suburbs


Men And Sex Toys – Double Standard?

I keep falling off!

When I Get On Top, I Keep Falling Off

Yep, it's me!

My Husband Posted Pictures Of Me On A Porn Site. I Liked It.

penis facts

6 Crazy Cock Facts

Nothing but the facts

8 Little known Facts About Orgasms

Nicole's sexual bucket list

7 Sexual Things To Do Before I Die

I should have been born a man

I should Have Been Born A Man

Not my real asshole

What? You Want To Put That WHERE!?

I want a panic room

I’m Installing A Panic Room, For Sex

The birds and the bees

The Birds And The Bees, My Style

The Jackrabbit

The Top Six Types Of Lousy Lovers

Hugh Laurie

Seven Studs I Would Love To Hump

Shrimp & Avocado Canapes

Food Porn – The Ultimate Foreplay

hotel sex

Who Doesn’t Love Hotel Sex?

The Money Shot

Why Are Men So Infatuated With The Money Shot?


Sploshing – A Whole New Meaning To Getting Porked

Pubic Hair Design

My Pubic Hair Needs A New Hairstyle


Really Weird Sexual Fetishes

Baby Jesus Hates My Vagina

Baby Jesus Hates My Vagina. Obviously.

Is it wrong to lust over him?

Am I A Cougar Or A Pedophile?

Having sex on your period

Riding The Crimson Wave – Having Sex On Your Period

I can't orgasm

Confession – It Has Been A Year Since I Have Orgasmed


The Power Of Polyamory

I have a girl crush

I Sometimes Have Crushes On Girls

fake orgasm

Why I Sometimes Fake Orgasms


Squirting Vaginas Freak Me Out

Fast or slow?

Brevity is the Soul of Bliss – In Defense Of The Quickie

Tony Soprano

What Turns Me On In Real Life


I Am A Cougar In Training

Porn Sucks

I Want Porn For Chicks

Dont' be afraid. :)

The Psychology Of Submission

Arrest me, please

I Think Police Are Sexy

Girls kissing girls

You Are Not Bi. You Are Just A Slut


Boobs: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

My first vibrator

My First Vibrator: The Gift That Kept On Giving…And Giving, And Giving

Help Me

Sex After Baby. The Anal Beads Will Have To Wait


Sexting: Not Just For Horny Teenagers

and a 1, and a 2, and a 3......

This Is The Music I Like To Hump To

This is embarrasing

I Took My Husband Vibrator Shopping


Guys, A Little Bum Play Won’t Make You Gay…. I Promise


Ten Reasons Why You Should Have An Orgasm


Female Ejaculation 101