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“They Call Him Mr Fire Cock”

“Look what I got at the store!” I said to my husband who had his nose buried in his phone, reading. “What?” he grumbled without even looking up. “This!” I said, shaking a box at…


When Stupid People Try To Have Sex

You know what I like to think about sometimes, you guys? I like to think about how stupid people have sex. I should probably clarify that I don’t so much “like” to think about stupid…


The Christmas Gift Guide For Perverts

I think we’ll make my Gift Guide for Perverts an annual Toy With Me tradition seeing as I did one last year.  I like my routines and traditions and lately my Xanax.  They make me…


The Dreaded Public Restroom

Well Toy with Mes, it’s that time of year again. Soon the holiday season will be upon us, which means that those of us who are not hermits hiding in their basement on the computer…


8 Amazing And Bizarre Sex Toys

Sex toys are pretty full of the awesome. You take the word “sex” and you add “toy” to it and you’re guaranteed an instant win there…unlike the lottery, which we all know is a joke….


The Sexiest Movie Scenes Of All Time

Being totally and utterly disappointed with the film offerings from Hollywood as of late, my husband and I have been rather addicted to Sexy TV shows lately. We’ve already watched all the True Bloods there…


Dressing Like A Slut For Halloween

Can I ask you Toy with Mes something? Halloween is fast approaching and as I browse the aisles looking for costume ideas, I’m confused. Why do they make so many slutty Halloween costumes for women?…