Buried With Children

Jen2Jen is married and has four children, including a set of triplets, which means she either doesn’t understand contraception or math. She’s a busy mom with an inner sex kitten that she lets come out and play between loads of laundry and solving the latest sibling fight. She’s also pretty good at explaining why ‘vibrating rockets’ are not for children to the children.

You can find Jen at her personal website Buried With Children. Or you can follow her Twitter or Facebook.


NatalieNatalie is a sharp tongued, smart assed full time stay at home mom to three fabulous mini people, who is failing her way forward in the parenting world. Natalie has a BA in Counselling, human sexuality major, and a Master Sexologist designation, which proves she can talk about sex, a lot. When she isn’t sitting at her computer blogging, she is out running her own business selling sex toys to friends and strangers. Natalie is continuing to further her education with courses in Neural Linguistic Programming and Facilitator training. She is the proud owner of a crested gecko named Diesel, who requires virtually no care and definitely does not need to be walked or groomed. No house plants adorn her home, as they would die a short painful death. Having been to the lowest of lows and the highest of highs, Natalie writes about her everyday experience and hopes that her honesty will be the door to open conversations for women and couples. Love her or hate her, just don’t be indifferent.

You can read more from Natalie at Maniacal Mom or follow her on Twitter.

The Queen Of Everything

The Queen Of EverythingCrissy,a lifelong Rhode Islander, is 35 and has two little girls.  Lucy was born in June, 2009 and her big sister Charlotte is four-years-old.  Crissy also takes care of a husband, an obese cat named Benny, and a cute little white dog called Alice who is just fluffy and not fat. Crissy works at a rather boring, but comfortable library job where she puts stickers on books and answers absurd questions from patrons every day.  Aside from doing a little bit of writing here and there, she doesn’t use a shred of her MA in English.  However, she really enjoys making student loan payments instead of having a new car, so it’s all good. She writes a blog where she is Queen of  *&%$#@* Everything and reigns over her readers, whom she calls Queefs, with a loving but firm hand. In both 2008 and 2009, Crissy won the Blogger’s Choice Award for Hottest Mommy Blogger and has been nominated again this year.

Mommy Wants Vodka

Mommy Wants VodkaBecky Sherrick Harks was switched at birth, although she’s been unable thus far to prove it. She holds out hope that that some day, she can reclaim her title of Heiress To A Large Fortune. After becoming a parent at age 21, she went back to school to get her degree in nursing, a profession from which she retired at age 26. Now she uses her medical knowledge to feel smugly superior while watching television hospital dramas.  Bored by mini-vans, life in the child lane, and pot-pie recipes, she began to write on her blog, Mommy Wants Vodka in 2007. She was as shocked as anyone to find out that people actually wanted to read what she wrote. Instead of living a swinging life of weekends in the Congo and curing baldness while holding crack babies, she stays home with her three children. An unpaid, kept woman.

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