Hi, I’m Jenna.  I’m the owner and main blogger for Toy With Me.  I love spending my time working on my blogs, hanging out at home in sunny California, and traveling.

As I’ve moved into a new phase of my life at 50, I  have become single and started dating, and not from my own choosing!  :( But I’ve embraced my new freedom; and I’ve become enlightened  in my own new found sexual revolution.  I now proudly wear my labels.  I’m a member of the “Lifestyle”.  I identify as a swinger, bisexual, BDSM lover, poly, and sex-positive.

I love sharing my explorations about my new found freedom,  my liberation of discovery into the world of sexuality, sex play and adventure, and of course, always excited to share what I have added to my toy chest!


I have taken over this awesome blog in mid 2014, and I hope you love the changes I make.  I have tons of ideas so stay tuned, come back often, and of course, sent me an email if you want to say HI!

This blog has been around for quite awhile, for several years actually!  So, many many posts are by other writers and contributors that have worked with Toy With Me in the past.  There is a wide variety of views, and voices from all different types of women.  Look around the archives, it is truly amazing how much there is to write about sex, relationships, our bodies, our loves, hates, and passions.  This blog is a wealth of women’s thoughts and stories.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look!



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