Top Five Crazy Places to Have Sex

It’s time to break the missionary monotony and put a little risk in your risque!

There comes a point when we all long for the hot passionate sex we had when our relationships first began. The tearing off of clothing, the loud moaning and the toe curling orgasms. So let’s get out of the bedroom and out of the house!  Not only is it healthy for your relationship to mix it up a little, it will also help you grab back some of that “I can’t keep my hands off you” hotness!

1) Viva Las Vegas … With a Twist!

Let’s just say it…having sex in Las Vegas is fucking AWESOME!  The energy and vibe in the city that never sleeps is an intoxicating mix of seduction and temptation. The ultimate destination to leave your inhibitions at home and get your freak on. For this edgy sexcapade I highly recommend booking a room at The Mandarin Hotel.  Luxury paired with spectacular strip views makes it one of the best places to get down and dirty in Vegas. Once in your room it’s time to be the star of the show, so pull back those curtains and do your best interpretation of The Garfield! Can someone see you?! Let’s hope so, after all it’s part of the thrill. Let your inner sex kitten run wild and leave those lucky enough to catch a glimpse wondering if they just experienced a private viewing of Zumanity!

2) Skip to the Loo!

I’m not talking about a quickie in a fast food washroom stall, your pristine vagine is much to classy for that kind of action. I’m referring to a private restroom of an upscale restaurant or bar. Make sure to dress for the occasion ladies, a skirt worn sans panties makes for easy access and a quick exit if needed. While dining on your entree an innocent game of footsies can be part of your foreplay to wet your sexual appetite. When it’s time for ‘dessert’ be sure to lock the door! Nothing spoils the mood more than being walked in on mid thrust. Not sure where to carry out this carnal affair? A quick Google search led me to The Forge in Miami Florida. Emblazoned with gorgeous artwork this is the perfect setting to get any heart pumping!

3) Rooftop Romp

Having sex outdoors can be extremely erotic. Daring to do it where you have to sneak off and risk getting caught is a guaranteed way to heighten your sexual senses! Rooftop patios and bars are the norm in New York City where real estate is at a prime. With no room for backyards and decks, the rooftop patio rules the outdoor world. The Sky Terrace at the Hudson Hotel is filled with gorgeous greenery, corners for intimate conversations and the perfect opportunity to slink away from the party and get a steamy quickie in! Eavesdropping on conversations where the guest wonder where you have disappeared to…priceless!

4) Sporting Event Mayhem

The vibe, the adrenaline, the cheering.  A perfect recipe for “just do it!’ sex. Take a quick walk through any sporting facility and you will see there’s a variety of places for a couple to tuck into and *ahem plug in!  Behind the beer stand.  Utility closets left unlocked.  Under the bleachers.  The list is endless.  If you really want to go for broke…try the Super bowl!  Make your man feel like a hero by doing the deed while thousands of people “cheer him on”!  Imagine how energetic he can be with a crowd shouting “Go! Go! Go!”  Score your very own game winning touchdown and no need to worry about being too loud!  I guarantee you won’t drown out the crowd at the event.

5) A Long Train to Nowhere

Traveling Europe is one of the top ten items on many bucket lists. With the diversity of language, culture and stunning scenery it comes as no surprise. The favored travel vehicle in Europe is by rail. Book a ticket on an overnight express and let your bodies relax into the sway of the train as it beckons you to match it’s seductive motion. The Bernina Express from Chur, Switzerland to Tirana, Italy is a 4 hour 14 minute ride through the Swiss Alps ending in the charming town of Tirana.  Crossing a European vacation off your bucket list, paired with a sexy romp through the Swiss Alps…does it get any better?

Natalie About Natalie

Natalie is a sharp tongued, smart assed full time stay at home mom to three fabulous mini people, who is failing her way forward in the parenting world. Natalie has a BA in Counselling, human sexuality major, and a Master Sexologist designation, which proves she can talk about sex, a lot. When she isn’t sitting at her computer blogging, she is out running her own business selling sex toys to friends and strangers. Natalie is continuing to further her education with courses in Neural Linguistic Programming and Facilitator training. She is the proud owner of a crested gecko named Diesel, who requires virtually no care and definitely does not need to be walked or groomed. No house plants adorn her home, as they would die a short painful death. Having been to the lowest of lows and the highest of highs, Natalie writes about her everyday experience and hopes that her honesty will be the door to open conversations for women and couples. Love her or hate her, just don’t be indifferent.

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  1. Ticket booth of theater. Military bunker. Law library. Lawyer’s office. Standing on public beach with towel wrapped around us. Church. Hood of car on highway. Picknik table in woods. Stanley Park. Griffith Park on a large rock.

  2. Congratulations to Ryan, winner of the Trojan Vibrator!!
    Please email me your shipping information so I can send your prize.

  3. Wow this takes me back many years. Inside a car wash – minus the car.

  4. We thought the auxiliary bathroom on a party boat (local waters cruise) would be a great idea for some honeymoon sex. Unfortunately, we didn’t know the main bathroom was out of service. So after a 15 minute passionate and loud marital tryst we agreed to sneak out one at a time just in case someone was passing by. I opened the door to see a line of angry passengers waiting to use the facilities. Their anger actually turned to applause when I opened the door all the way and told my extremely embarrassed and blushing bride that she might as well just come out now since we were busted. On the bright side, the sex was amazing and we got free drinks for the rest of the cruise.

    • So glad you popped over to share your story Ryan! Your poor bride. Sounds like your little encounter was worth the embarrassment in the end.

  5. Becky D. says:

    I’ve done it in variations of all 5 of these but my personal favorite has been at a club meant for adults in the spotlight!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Dinosaur Provincial Park, right out in the open on a park bench overlooking a giant crater. It was amazing! We snapped a pic from where we were ‘sitting’ to remember the moment. I can send you the picture as proof (and bragging rights, lol!)

  7. tina page says:

    bathroom on the amtrak

  8. Heather H says:

    About fifteen years ago, a boyfriend at the time showed up to my apartment unexpectedly and announced we were going for a ride. He refused to offer any explanation and I trusted him enough to just go with it. After almost an hour of driving he starts winding his way through the Houston Intercontinental Airport parking garage, finally stopping on the top level. The view was pretty good, all things considered, and the rest was pretty spectacular, too.

  9. LoriandHubby says:

    I’m not sure how crazy this is… but behind my inlaws house is a hay field. When we were much younger my husband and myself use to have sex in the middle of the field, hidden well by all the high grass.

  10. Since I hate missing out on the fun I’ll share too. My sexiest adventure took place at the Playboy Mansion while taking a stroll through Hugh’s exotic backyard. Seriously how could we not!

  11. Obsidian says:

    The best place for me was in my back yard on the deck… in the rain! Both of us were wearing white shirts… it was hot :)

  12. John Carcosa says:

    A lot of people have given me flack for this one, but back in my home town there is a hot tub place with outdoor tubs. Middle of winter, upstairs on the roof with the snow coming down is one of my top fun places.

    Who cares how many other people have had sex in that tub?

  13. How about in a haunted house on a coffin? Quite fun.

  14. Probably not as crazy as some comments you’ll get but…..! Staying at my partners seafront flat, I was having a bad day. When this happens I sit on the floor in front of the 3 metre high, ground floor window and watch the sea – it soothes me. Sadly the car park for the building is about 2 metres away from window – he has a flimsy, see-through blind in the window…if the light is right you can see into the flat…. Anyway….I’m sitting in the window, feeling like crap, spoiling the day (don’t forget I only see him for 3 days every 2 weeks!), he comes up behind me, massive hug. Starts to cheer me up…..then he started to let his fingers do the talking… a car pulls up right outside the window! I tried to stop him, but then desire/lust/massive, multiple Os took my voice away….! We proceeded to have mind blowing pie*, followed by fantastic sex, on the floor in front of the window……then the sofa! *As in cherry pie – cunnilingus!