Glass Slipper? How About A Glass Dildo

On the list of things I never though I’d put in my hoo-ha, glass was pretty high up there. I mean, it’s glass, you know? GLASS. BREAKABLE GLASS. IN! MY! VAGINA!

There’s a shop down the street from my boyfriend’s house that exclusively sells glass toys. We walked by over and over, wondering out loud how it was possible to carry enough of a variety of glass sex toys to open an entire store, and eventually curiosity won out and we stopped in to investigate the world of glass dildos.

Do you have any idea how many different sizes and shapes of glass dildos there are out there? Eleventy million, if I had to estimate conservatively. Straight, curved, ribbed – the possibilities are almost literally endless.

“That one is way too big,” I said. “Oh my god and that one! And, wait, what’s that?!” The owner of the store walked over to us, laughing, and goes, “Oh that’s the produce section.”

The what?

We looked closer. Yep, every single dildo in the case was shaped like a fruit or a vegetable. An ear of corn, a zucchini, a chili pepper, a bunch of grapes. Grapes! Glass grapes. To insert into your vagina. I shuddered. We kept walking.

As we made our way around the store, the owner told us a little bit more about the benefits of glass toys (how easy they are to clean, how their smooth surface feels incredible against your skin, etc.), and she even detailed the option of temperature play. Temperature play? I was intrigued. She told us that glass toys can be put in the fridge (or in warm water) and that they’ll retain the new temperature during use.

Fine, fine, I was interested.

Later that day, I emailed my sexual fairy godparents here at Toy With Me and was all, “GLASS TOY PRETTY PLEASE WANT WANT YAY!” and they were like, “Okay, let’s see what we can do.”

A few weeks later, the package arrived. A set of two hand-blown glass dildos that are, without question, the most gorgeous sex toys I’ve ever seen. They’re pink, a nod to the fact that they were created as a fundraiser for breast cancer research (each set purchased sends $25 to a breast cancer charity), and they each have an authentic Swarovski crystals embedded in the base. If they weren’t so blatantly phallic, I’d display them directly inside my front door for everyone to see. That’s how beautiful they are. Less sex toys and more sex art, really.

The Pink Star Delight dildo is 7″ long, 6″ insertable, 4.25 circumference at it’s widest insertable point, and weighs 10.1 oz.  The top of the dildo is crowned in a teardrop-shaped bulb and the tip is tapered and smooth, while the shaft is textured with rounded nubs. The base is embedded with a gorgeous pink custom Swarovski crystal.

It’s companion is the Crystal Delights Pink anal plug. The plug is 3.5 long, 3 insertable, 5″ circumference at widest insertable point, and it weighs 5.2 oz.  The bulb is smooth and tapers to a flared base that ensures that your butt plug doesn’t get lost in your bum. Just like the matching dildo, the plug is blinged out with a sparkling Swarovski crystal. “Bling for your bootie” indeed.

Because these beautiful works of art are all hand crafted, the dimensions will vary slightly as two are never the same. Both the dildo and and the plug come with a handy padded velvet storage pouch. To get an idea as to just how lovely  the presentation is of the Crystal Delights products, check out this video review that the fabulous That Toy Chick did of one of the anal plugs.

After a month with my sex art, here are my tips:

The glass absorbing temperature thing? That’s no joke. We put it in his fridge right when it arrived and spent a week laughing about the impossibility of getting milk without having to move a dildo. When we finally used it though, I definitely wasn’t prepared for just how cold it would be. If you’re like me, you’ve never put anything directly from the fridge inside your vagina and when you do, it’s an unbelievable shock. Equally shocking is how it feels for him to have sex with a freezing cold vagina. Running it under cold water is definitely the middle ground way to enjoy a change in temperature without giggling hysterically from shock, so I recommend that.

Use lube. I mean, obviously, right? But I definitely suggest using more than you would with a different type of toy, because the glass isn’t something that contours to fit your body at all and therefore a little extra gliding power makes a big difference.

They’re durable, but just be careful. My biggest concern was the thought of the glass breaking, but Crystal Delights uses smooth, medical quality Pyrex glass for all of their toys and as long as you’re not dropping it on concrete, you’ll be just fine.

Different is good. Of all the sex toys I own, the glass duo are the most unique. If you’re looking for a well rounded collection, these are a must have.

Did I mention that they have Swarovski crystals in them and that that alone will make your vagina feel more like a princess than ever?? Glass dildo > glass slipper, that’s for damn sure.

Note from Toy With Me:

Like many of you, my life has been touched by a family member that is fighting breast cancer and I greatly admire what Crystal Delights and Virtually Adult are doing in creating these products while donating a portion of sales to breast cancer research. Virtually Adult has generously offered to help us do a fund raiser which will involve one you lucky readers winning your very own set of pink glass toys. Watch for that in the coming days.


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  1. Where can you get the crystal shoe? please?

  2. Hi all,, yup these toys are amazing,, i would just like to add how much of a privilage it has been being able to create these toys for virtually about,, yup its quality Glass and its the best,, Made by Rubyglass21 we only use the best materials, your review is great and thanks again.,
    Crystal Delights Designer and lead designer at RubyGlass21

  3. cuddles&kink says:

    Glass and metal toys are fa-bu-lous! I have a few glass toys and the texture … or lack there of is something I crave from time to time. :)

  4. I have a glass piece sitting at home waiting for me to try it out right now. I WANNA GO HOME!!! I just started doing reviews for a sex toy site, and that was my second pick. I also picked a kegel ball.

  5. also, try plopping it some warm (NOT HOT) water for a different treat.

  6. i love glass toys. seconded only by stainless steel.

    yes, they aren't as forgiving as flexible/soft toys, but that just means you need a defter touch!

    nothing beats the smoothness, and boy are they hard.

  7. Wow, that is a great idea. I have always kind of revered the smell of the typical sex toy. Beach ball doesn't really equate to fun ties down under…. I don't think. :)

  8. Oooooooh I LOVE the idea of cold and blindfolded!!!! May have to try this out!!!

  9. Quality is key when purchasing glass toys!

  10. Hopeful Boyfriend says:

    Ooooo, blindfolded and using it cold! I LIKE that idea, and I hope my girlfriend will go for that. Unfortunately, she doesn't like surprises, so I'm not optimistic on it.

  11. a bourbon for silvia says:

    AttentionWhore comes to me and says "open it". l open the package, and l see this beautiful box. l knew there is a sex toy, but it was so elegant and nice it almost felt like a sin to open it.
    Then l see the glass dildo, with blue and green spirals on it while l am thinking "l m putting it where??" he looked at me like a child salivating in front of a piece of candy. "trust me" he said. The fact that it was cold, that fact that l was blindfolded and l had to rely on my senses was…. simply amazing.

  12. The glass toys really have been getting more popular lately! As you said, glass is the most hygenic material a toy can be make from and easiest to keep clean! You also don't have to worry about what type of lubricant you are using on them as well!
    Glad to hear someone elses opinion on these toys!

  13. cold glass sounds awesome!