Do You Have a Heart On?

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Today we’re sharing a special guest post by The Animated Woman!

They say that Love is blind.

Because the heart does not see what colour skin you have.

It knows nothing of your religion.

The heart cares naught for your political sway.

It is unfettered by gender.

It is undeterred by age.

The heart is unhindered by riches or hardship…

And it is unburdened by the webs and ladders of society.

For the heart knows the joy of another heart.

They say that Love is blind. But I say that Love has perfect sight.

I have a heart on for Love.

About The Author

Montreal-based JC Little is a story artist and animation director, with a career spanning more than 30 years. Her background includes commercials, feature films, the Disney-syndicated and Gemini-nominated kids’ TV show My Life Me, and new media. She is best known online as The Animated Woman and draws regularly for her personal blog of the same name at  JC lives in a messy house with her lovely British husband and three fantastically opinionated children.


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