Eva ~ Dame Products Innovative Couple’s Vibrator Review

Roxy offers up her take on the new couple’s vibrator by Dame Products, the Eva ~

It’s pretty common knowledge, the average woman cannot orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone (no matter what Freud and his cronies thought.) Which means your orgasms are pre- or post-sex with the help of fingers, a toy, or a tongue. Or, you’re adding fingers or toys to the mix during the deed.

Which is great. Except… well… it requires using hands. His or yours. Which means you’re spending at least some brain power on something other than what’s going on below your belt-line. And it takes away from the other fun things hands can be doing.

Well, get ready for something different.

Eva sex toyEva has arrived.

Hands-Off Approach

Dame Products and the two smart, lovely, talented women behind it, have gotten a lot of press over this little toy. Which is great. But this is not about them. This is about the toy. How does it work?


Couples vibes are nothing new, so what’s the big deal? Why all the press?

Until now, couples vibes came in two basic varieties. The tried and true cock-ring-vibe combo is pretty cool… when he’s buried to the hilt inside you. Which may be great for grinding, but not so great for thrusting. The newer method is the U-shaped vibe that slips inside the vagina, and over the clit. I’m actually rather fond of these, they feel great, but they can get in the way, especially if your partner is on the girthier side. And not every guy likes the feel of buzzing silicone against his shaft.

Now, we have the Eva for a whole new approach.


Unwrapping Eva

On the Dame Products website, Eva looks a little big. My first thought was, how is that going to fit over my bits and still leave room for sex? Out of the box, it’s smaller than I expected. It also looks like a scarab beetle. But let’s set that disturbing thought aside, shall we?TWM_Eva_Photo 1

Eva comes in a simple black box and includes a pretty satin pouch. Right in line with other premium sex toys, and right at the same price point as well. The surface is smooth silicone, the wings soft and flexible (more on those later), and the button is easy to find and push, even with lube covered hands.

So far, so good.

I played around with getting Eva in place. It sounds silly, but it took a bit of wrangling to get the wings nestled into the folds of the labia while still keeping the buzzy part over the clit. This really is a case where your mileage may vary – for some women this will be easy, for others, they may have to do some (gentle) tugging. But it does fit, and it doesn’t instantly fall off.

But how does Eva work?

Eva Performs

The thing about vibes, is every woman is different. For some, a gentle bullet vibe over their outer labia is enough, for others, nothing less than the Magic Wand directly on their clit will do.

Eva is neither of those things.

The vibe sits neatly against your clitoral hood (though you could pull the hood back if that’s your thing), and the vibe intensity ranges from mild to moderate. This is not something I would use for masturbation. But that’s me. And that’s not what the vibe is really made for.

During sex is where Eva’s features shine.

Combined with the added pressure of sexual activity, the vibrations are not mind-blowingly intense (like the Magic Wand), but they are enough to tip things over the edge and provide orgasms during sex, without using your hands. And without getting in the way.

Some Nitty Gritty

eva informationEva works best in missionary and cowgirl type positions. During doggy, the vibe didn’t sit against my clit as nicely, and eventually fell off. Okay, no doggy.

In missionary, Eva was great. The vibe did not get in the way, my ever-patient hubby was barely aware of it, and it felt fabulous. Until he started thrusting really, really hard. Which I like. At that point, Eva was not so great. Having a toy slammed into your pubic bone is not sexy. Okay, no really hard pounding.

If you’re into cowgirl, Eva can be amazing. You might have to change your angle up a bit until you find what works for you, but if you like grinding on your guy, Eva’s gonna make that even better. Hard bouncing up and down might not work with Eva in place, but your mileage on that may vary.

Bottom Line

Eva has all the right stuff. Modern, sleek packaging, pretty colors, smooth silicone design, rechargeable via wall outlet or USB, and effective. It serves a need and addresses it in a new way. And it works. It absolutely works.

Is it a mind-blowing vibrator? Not really. But it sure as hell can help achieve mind-blowing sex with your partner. And that’s really what it’s all about.

Bottom line?

The Dirty Details

Eva is a rechargeable vibe, and includes a charging cable with USB plug and wall adapter. It has three speeds, all controlled with a single push button. It’s made of medical-grade silicone (so avoid silicone lubes) and is water resistant (no tub action!)

A Bit of History Behind the Eva

It all started when, making history, Alex Fine and Janet Lieberman’s next-generation couple’s vibrator, quickly became the most highly funded adult product in the history of online crowdfunding. Shortly thereafter, the Eva campaign was named Indiegogo’s top campaign run by an all-female team and defied cultural norms.

They took a topic that was once taboo and brought it to the forefront of society, introducing a new and compelling option for couples everywhere.

Fine, who has her master’s from Columbia in Psychology and has spent years studying the psyche of sex, is adamant about changing the national conversation about sex. Blunt, honest, and prone to no-nonsense, together with co-founder Lieberman, who touts an engineering degree from MIT, the two women are aiming to offer a new, unprecedented option. Read all about Fine and Lieberman and their journey to make the Eva here.

For more information about the Eva, check out the website ~ Damesproducts.com


The Eva is available at a few of our preferred online stores:


My Secret Luxury for $120 – Enter TWM15 at checkout for 15% off your order ~ Shop Here


Peepshowtoys.com for $105 – Enter TWM10 at checkout for 10% off your order ~ Shop Here


Babeland for $105

Eva by Babeland

Come at the same time as your partner with Eva by Dame, the hands free vibrator that ca… [More]

Price: $105.00



  • Hands-free clitoral vibrator that fits under the labia majora
  • Can be worn during solo or couples play
  • Super soft medical-grade silicone
  • USB rechargeable
  • Includes storage pouch
  • One size fits most

Measures | 1″ x 2.25″

Weighs | .06



  1. Kathy

    Thanks for the review it was really good but only one thing that is little concerning for me is the price. It could be less then what it is right now.

  2. my-doll

    Good review really enjoyed reading it but the best part about this product is when they are at their peak they give a great pleasure.

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