Everything you need to know before trying the “Grapefruit” technique

The Grapefruit Technique.

If you haven’t seen this video yet, you might be thinking it’s a new diet craze. It isn’t.

Nope. It’s actually all about sex. Oral sex. Before we go any further, you need to watch the video that explains it all. A couple of important notes first. This is NSFW! Really. Seriously. And turn the sound down. More on that later.

There is a great YouTube video that is a must watch, and explains it all.   “Angel Teaching her Grapefruit Technique”

Now that you’ve seen it, you’re either very curious or very confused. I mean, really, it’s not that hard to convince a guy to let you go down on him, right? But I promised this would be everything you need to know before trying it. So… let’s go!

TWM_Grapefruit_RKarinaThe Team...

Hammer, the ever-patient, ever-adventurous hubby agreed to be my stunt cock for this trial. I also asked a few other couples to give it a try and report their results. The couples ranged from very vanilla to life-long kinky folks. In the interest of science, all of these men knowingly agreed to be grapefruited, there was no blindfolding here.

What’s that sound…

First, no, you will not make that loud slurping noise when you do this. Yes, this will be louder than the usual BJ, but you are not at risk of making your man ask if you turned on a small appliance. (there was a microphone on her boobs, of course it picked up and amplified everything!)

Grapefruit squirts…

Next, before you do this, lay down a towel. No, strike that. Lay down several towels! This gets messy. And I mean juice and pulp all over the place messy. Have you ever eaten a grapefruit without squirting juice? Imagine impaling that juicy fruit with a penis. Enough said.

Size matters…

She suggests you can use a large navel orange if you don’t like grapefruit. I’m here to tell you that according to my panel, an orange may be a perfect substitute for men of average endowment, but for those with some girth, there just wasn’t enough there. Choose your citrus so there will be plenty of pulp to cradle his prize. Otherwise, it’s a bit ouchy.

 What it feels like…

“Well, it doesn’t feel like pussy,” was one quote. “Kinda like a Fleshlight,” was another. All the men agreed, it felt good, but different. Some liked the slightly bumpy texture, others didn’t.

Grapefruit is acidic…

Remember how I said the fruit squirts? Well… it will… right up your nose. Or in your eye. And that stuff stings. We didn’t have any problems with stinging of the man parts, but every single giver got shot in the eye – with grapefruit juice.

Clean up on aisle…

Remember how I said it was messy? Well… it is… so plan on either finishing your man off orally, or taking a hot and soapy shower before you move on to other fun. Because no woman wants grapefruit up her hoo-ha.

Did the guys like it…

Responses ranged from “meh” to “wow that was awesome!”

Bottom line…

Was it worth it? Sure. Would I do it again? Yep. Would I make it part of my regular routine? Probably not, but only because Hammer was the “meh” response. If he’d been in the “wow that was awesome” camp, I’d be buying stock in grapefruit. So, it really depends on you and your man. But it’s sure fun to try out, and I think it was the tastiest blow job I’ve ever given!

If you give it a try, Tweet a pic of you and your grapefruit, be sure to tag @toywithme, @AngelsSecrets2 and @HammerAndRoxy!  And tell us what you thought after you try this out in the comments below.

Lotsa hugs,

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