Fun Factory B Balls Anal Toy


(Our first review of the Toy of the Month – the Butt Plug.  We let one of our newest bloggers Jennifer take on this review)


I was a bit nervous to get my first anal plug for a product review. I am not going to lie, my ass is pretty close to virgin territory, so I was thankful that the size of the Fun Factory B Ball was not too large. When I say it is great for beginners, I mean it!


Let’s begin with the presentation. The toy comes in a small box, my first sigh of relief. It has textured outside patterns, as well as another discreet silver box inside of the outside one. What I really liked most about the box was that it was a great storage place for my new plug. Call me crazy, but I did not like the idea of it intermingling in my toy box with all of my vaginal vibrators and dildos. Sterilizing be damned, I love the idea of keeping them separate.

The inner box is cute enough to keep and small enough to fit in well without having to start a whole new drawer or box of goodies.
This butt plug is made with silicone and has that same luxurious feel that I covet so much in my dildos. It has a sleek black design with red lines on the side of each ball. It looks to be about 4 inches of insertion, with a nice handle to ensure it doesn’t go in too deep.

b balls
The neatest thing I noticed about this butt plug was that if you shake it, there seems to be two balls inside of the two balls. It is interesting when you observe this, even better when you realize that in use, it creates something akin to vibrations when in motion.
First insertion was smooth, though it did take some time to get it inside. Like I said before, my ass is close to virgin territory, so the first ball felt like it was the size of my arm. The circumference of the first ball is about the size of a quarter and the smooth texture makes entry quite easy. The toy comes back to a small size before the second ball and that was great for me. It took me a few times to get to the second ball and it was well worth the effort.

The size was perfect and the toy stretched me just enough for pleasure, but not too much to cause pain. So for me, it was the perfect length and width. I love the design of the plug because it will stay where you put it.

Using this plug is great to add with another toy or even a partner. If you are planning to play solo, the handle is small enough that you can sit on the plug comfortably while you pleasure yourself with your favorite rabbit or dildo. The sleek design and smooth texture makes clean up easy. I was thankful there was no ridges to collect fluids, so no toothbrush is necessary to ensure a super clean.

Now to the con. There is always a con with all toys, but with this toy I only found one. Yes, I am looking! While the smaller width after each ball helps to keep the toy in place, it also creates a bit of trouble when you are trying to insert it because it makes it wobbly under pressure. Now I am sure there is more play available the way it is designed, however it would be better if it was a bit stiffer for tight penetrations.

All in all, I am glad the Fun Factory B Balls were my first experience with a Butt Plug.




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  • 100% medical-grade silicone & ABS plastic
  • Narrow base & 2 balls of graduated size create a “filled” feeling
  • Unisex
  • For intermediate to expert users
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in Germany

Total length – 4.96″

Small ball measures – 1.26″

Larger ball measures – 1.42″

Weight – .174 lb

Product Information from Fun Factory

Purpose: B Balls is the only butt plug that reacts to your every moves. The toy stays completely in place once inserted, just like the classic butt plug, but the unique and surprising feature of the B Balls is that they each contain a light inner weight that will be set in motion while the user is active, which creates pleasurable internal waves and massage sensations.

Using:  B Balls with generous amounts of water-based lubricant

Cleaning: Use a cleaner especially made for silicone toys and sensitive skin, or with mild soap and water.


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