Get Your Sexy Back! ~ Spicing It Up!


Welcome to Week 5 of Our 10 Week Journey designed to grab life by the ovaries and get back to enjoying The Sex!

This journey is filled with a variety of sexual advice and tips to get your sex life back on track, along with a healthy dose of snark and wit, because obviously. Our Master Sexologist Natalie will be covering an array of topics including Reconnecting With Your Partner, Peri-Menopause/Menopause, How To Spice It up and Finding Time For Sex. So climb aboard the bus to O-Town and let the journey begin!

Let’s Do This!

Alright ladies, no messing around today, we’re going to get right to the point! We all need to add some spice to our lives. Whether it’s sexually, emotionally or personally, we need to quit living in shades of grey (which was a horribly written book) and start pouring the Franks Red Hot (I put that shit on everything) into the mix.

Time To Rock Again

ID-100186891Gawd…I look back…waaay back…and I was a hot tamale! I had kick ass heels and a kick ass…ass to match. I went out, had fun. Tossed back a sex on the beach or two and I had fantastic sex. I had very few cares in the world, other than making sure my visa was paid on time. Do you remember that moment in your life? The moment when you looked in the mirror and thought….I ROCK! Those were the days you cleared the dishes by brushing them onto the floor so you could have orgasmic sex on the dining room table! WHERE DID THOSE DAYS GO??? Oh, wait, I remember…they were buried under responsibility, growing bills, kids, laundry….that list is huge!

Getting Back To It

We look back fondly on that “spicy” stage of our lives and we think… “aww…that was nice…” and then we wonder how the fuck do we get it back?! We want the spice, yet we love our lives now. We love our spouses and our children. We like our jobs. We enjoy the day-to-day comfort we have. We don’t long for the days gone by. Who the hell would want to wear acid wash jeans and hair scrunchies again???

Is That A Banana In Your Pajamas?!

What we do want back is some seriously amazing sex! Sex that doesn’t end up with Lego pieces caught between our ass cheeks. Sex that isn’t rushed while the kids watch a Banana’s in Pajama’s video (seriously, I’d like to have some banana’s in my pajama’s but not in a cartoon way). We want to scream YES, YES, YES and not have a toddler banging on the door asking us why we are playing charades at 3 am.

God, we just want to get back some of that steamy sex we had in our 20’s and 30’s before we were mired down in all the things life brings our way.

We can get it back! With a few simple tweaks in our daily lives, we can have that HOT relationship again!

5 Fun Things You Can Do To Get SPICY Again

Tweak Technology

Grab your phone right now and send your partner a super sexy text message or a sensual photo. You don’t have to be naked in the photo…but send him a picture of your fishnet stockings, or the covers pulled back on your bed with a “waiting for you” caption. Start the seduction long before your partner comes home for the evening.

Naughty Rendezvous

Do you have half days on Friday’s at your work? Why not book a hotel for the night? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love hotel sex?! Ask the relatives to take the kids for the evening and head to a hotel to have that loud sex you once had before there were kids in the house. Even better, pick up your lover wearing a trenchcoat and nothing underneath!!

The benefits of BUZZ

If you don’t have a vibrator in your nightstand drawer…WHY NOT??? You don’t have to have the biggest, baddest vibrator on the planet, but you should have one. It can be a bullet type toy, a shaft or clitoral stimulator, there are so many options out on the market. Vibrators are awesome for when you need to get the pump primed before your partner arrives, or if you are game for a quickie in the laundry room. Head down to the local adult shop or choose a fabulous goody here from Toy With Me and add some buzz to your bedroom.

Watch an erotic movie

I’m not saying you have to break out the slutty moms of South Street porn, but you can certainly watch a great movie that is super sexy. 9 ½ weeks is one of my favorites. Movies that literally get your juices flowing are a great way to spice it up in the bedroom. Use your imagination and choose a movie that will help you get in the mood.

Do something fun together

Take a cooking class. Take a dance class. Take a language class. Go to a comedy club. Go to a live theatre or music event. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Get out the funk in your junk and find a way to start having some fun with your partner again. Heck, you could even tuck a remotely controlled vibrator into your panties! A sure way to spice up any outing!

Come on team! Let’s quit letting life throw water on our fires! Let’s take back what’s ours and let us be the ones the neighbours are banging on the wall telling us to shut up!

Your Challenge:

I challenge you to take one of these ideas and run with it! Get naughty again and spice it up! I would love to hear what you decide on and how it went!! Come back and share your journey with us!

Do Tell Toy With Mes …

What’s the spiciest thing you’ve done lately? And no, cooking with chili peppers doesn’t cut it.

**If you missed what Natalie’s journey is all about you can read it here.

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  1. John Carcosa

    Get out there and create a tumblr so you can share dirty pictures back and forth with your significant other. Just remember to use protection because too much sexy time leads to more parenting time.

    On a side note: Sex on a beach and sex on some legos… not really that different.

    • Natalie

      Thank you John for your very funny insight! I will have to agree that sand, seashells and driftwood can take the fun out of it as well.
      Tumblr is tricky because if you don’t want tumblr users to see your sexy photos you have to remember to lock the account…even if our boss is on tumblr browsing at naughty pics, do we really want them to find OUR naughty pics? That’s a great suggestion for the couples who REALLY want to turn up the heat.

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