Getting Naked For the First Time with Someone New


The fairy tale is to meet your Prince, get married, have a few kids and live happily ever after.  Your Prince will be the first and only person who sees you naked. This though, is not what usually happens.  For many people, this is simply a pipe dream.

Taking off women bra lingerieFor the rest of the real world, relationships don’t usually last and sooner or later, you will be back on the bucking dating horse.  With it, will come dates so bad that you will ask yourself, “Is this really what it has come down to?” But one or two men will make it pass the first couple of dates.  Or three, if you are following the ‘3 date rule’.  And then, comes the tricky part, getting naked in front of someone new, for the first time.

For some young women, this may not be that bad.  You may not dread it the way I do.  I got married at 18.  You know, when everything is still tight and perfect.  I got divorced over ten years later, had a few kids, got a few scars, things happen. So at thirty, getting naked is not the highlight of my day usually.  For someone new, it can be down-right scary.

So how do we do it, bare it all for a new encounter?  There are many ways to go about it and I have tried a few.  So I will share my strategy with you and hopefully you will share yours.


Old tried and true method of getting your freak on with limited visual.  You feel like you can’t be seen and maybe you really can’t, so things can happen.  Pieces of one may go into the wrong part of you, it can get ugly.  I don’t really care for this method, a little light is good. You want to see them, as much as they want to see you.

Skipping a few meals 

Don’t judge, I know you have all done it.  We gain a pound or two through the years and then we decide that skipping a few meals will make it all better.  I will say that it does make your stomach a bit smaller because it is so darn empty.  This of course leave you feeling hungry and a bit irritated.  Not really easy to get in the sexy mood when all you want is food.  So this way doesn’t work for me either.

Whet your appetite with self-love

This is just a nice way to say, go get your rocks off, before you go get your rocks out.  This changes nothing but your perspective.  It is a fact, it is hard to find fault with a body that can feel so damn good.  The other benefits are you do not feel so much on edge, or I don’t anyways.  It is good to go into a date a little less horny.  Keeping your head on a bit tighter can help you to not go to bed with a 10, to wake up to a 2. So for me, this is one of my best ways to get naked with someone new.  I like to get naked with myself first.

Body Stocking

I love these things!  It is the best of all worlds to me.  These are contraptions that are what they sound like, a stocking for your whole body.  They come in many styles, but most are black.  Like your legs, it gives the illusion of a bit of slimming coverage.  There is also this convenient hole that makes it so you really don’t actually have to get naked with someone new.  Bonus is most guys have never seen one, so it revs them up and you still get to feel modest, basically naked.

So, what do you do, when you get naked with someone new?  We want to know…..



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