A Call For Super Sexy Guest Posts

ID-10032594It was late February and I was stomping around my apartment and yelling about how I wanted to write a sex column. A few days later, I was asked to write a guest post for Toy With Me. A few days after that, they were all, “We’d like you to do this every week” and I was like, “THIS THE BEST DAY” and they were all, “Also, you’re going to start getting a lot of free sex toys in the mail” and I was like, “THE BEST THE BEST.”

And so my love affair with all you Toy With Mes began.

In the four months that I’ve been having sex for your benefit and enjoyment (jeez, the things I do for you), I’ve tackled the topic of anal sex, taught you 9 sexual terms you never wanted to know, put out a call for dick pictures, taken a double sided fisting dildo to a bar, used a sex swing, reviewed toys on video, and much more. In the coming months, I’m going to be spilling my sexual guts less often (probably every 4-5 weeks), which means I’ll have even more time to do “research” and whenever I am here, the stories will more or less be totally fucking epic.

But! Do you know what my being here less often means?? It means that there’s an opening for YOU to be here. For you to tell your stories and share your thoughts and experiences about sex in a place where nothing is off limits. Yes, this is a call for guest post submissions. Yes, your 750-1200 word guest post can be about anything sexually related (personal accounts, humor, politics, religion, social commentary, anything!) and – this is the best part – if your guest post gets selected for publication, the lovely people here at Toy With Me will mail you a sex toy!

Publication! Free sex toy! This must be what heaven is like!

Oh, and just in case you’re already getting sad about not seeing me around here for a few weeks, I’d like to give you a little teaser about my next post: an upcoming charity event to benefit breast cancer research that involves me using handblown glass sex toys that have Swarovski crystals in them.

Glass in my hoo-ha!

You’ll see.

Until then, start sending your guest post submissions to havefun@toywithme.com!

Kisses & Orgasms,

Nicole Antoinette

Photo by Pixomar.



  1. Amelia Daily

    Hello again,
    I sent you an email about a week ago. I just wanted to stop back by with a reminder that I am available for guest posting on your website. If this is something you would be interested in, please email me at Amelia_Daily@gmx.com
    Thank you for your time,
    Amelia Daily.

  2. Will deff try and write something worth reading. 😛 Also: Nicole can I shadow your life and write your biography? 😉
    Looking forward to reading the upcoming posts but will miss seeing more of them.

  3. John Tuttle

    I should like to third a query about the gender of the guest blogger. I'd be happy to submit a little ditty from a member of the male persuasion – hmm, strike that – "little", "member", and "male" really shouldn't be in the same sentence… is this a girl's only club, or can the boys play too? It sounds apparent the boys read what's written here readily enough. (And would the guest boys get their own toys as well?)

  4. Are tales from boys permitted? Or is this one of those events like #BiSC where all participants are required to have a vagina?

    Also, seeing that I don't have a vagina, the sex toy would have to be donated to charity – like a horny, homeless woman in need…or something like that.

  5. Mike

    Nicole I miss your stories already. How else am I going to choke on food and projectile coffee through my nose? if you get more time, write more. Its greatly appreciated in a world that cries out for laughter.

    • Aw, thanks Brian! Don't worry, I'll still be here, just a little less often. And you can always find me on Twitter (@nicoleisbetter) and on my blog (nicoleisbetter.com) too.

  6. Mike

    Hey you didn't get a dick pic from me remember? I want to do reviews for Boy toys! Have been kicking around a few topics and have the required test items in the mail now sooooooo………..

    I will submit my 1200, when testing is fun, i mean done.

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