How To Make A Homemade Sex Toy

Lets Do Arts And Crafts Everyone!

How To Make A Homemade Toy – Watch more Funny Videos

This is an absolutely hysterical video of a guy giving step by step instructions on how to make a homemade sex toy. It is part of a Ranker list of 7 homemade sex toys for men that I just had to share. It takes arts and crafts to a whole other level.



  1. Love that he called it a "homemade booty hole". That is one lonely dude. I have to admit, as a woman I am somewhat impressed with the ingenuity men possess when it comes to wacking it.

    • RF

      I agree with the Dr. Why is it empowering for women to be able to buy sex toys yet if a man buys them or has a collection of them he is classed as lonely and thought of a bit as a loser? Double standards are bad no matter how they are applied.

      I’m going to be getting some new toys for me as I am getting tired of my hand and since I am a single I do need an outlet for my sexual needs. I’m single, not pathetic.

  2. That is a much more effective apparatus than the expensive ones you buy from Adam & Eve and those guys. The expensive fleshy rubbery ones are too tight and they pull your pee-hole open like a garter snake trying to eat a cue ball. No fun. Women aren't made of rubber. They're not stretchy. They're squishy. Thanks for posting this.

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