Infusing design and luxury with sex is the founding concept of Jimmyjane. This California native born in 2005 is a company founded by a designer and nurtured by a team from the worlds of art, beauty and fashion. A stunning mix of creative minds that makes knees weak all over the world. From within this circle came a recognition that each person’s sexuality is as unique as their fingerprint.

When award-winning founder Ethan Imboden (read our interview with Ethan) was joined by Sarah Marchick, Kassie Benham and Melissa Ouellette, I wonder if he minded being the new minority as the sole male executive. My bet is that he was anticipating the huge benefits JimmyJane would reap from having women in the drawing room designing toys for a huge chunk of their audience that shares the same plumbing. Jimmyjane toys like its vibe Form 6, with a V that nestles into the clitoris, and Little Chroma, with a penchant for finding the g-spot knows a woman’s body as if they were designed by women. And there you have it!

Jimmyjane has won the attention of the world’s most elite magazines. Toy shoppers from all points of the globe have read about the company’s treats in more than 25 mags including VogueHarper’s Bazaar, Esquire, GQ and Women’s Wear Daily.

Jimmyjane walks its own path, one that is constantly mindful of user and ecological health. Each product stage, from inception to manufacturing to life cycle, is engineered to be body-safe and environmentally accountable. Its biocompatible, hygienic, toxin-free materials are FDA approved and even tested by third parties to ensure conformance with applicable safety and reliability standards. The company’s medical-grade silicone is free of phthalate toxins. Its stainless steel is made from a high quality, non-toxic plating process and is one of the first to be green certified. And although its toys can bring out the animal in the most refined customer, Jimmyjane’s products involve no animal testing.

Jimmyjane Form 6

When its products are made, the company knows exactly what goes on, when, where and how, because they are created in-house under watchful eyes, complying with FCC, CE and ISO 9001 standards, as well as RoHS Directive, one of the most stringent international standards governing product safety and sustainability. Jimmyjane’s manufacturing partners comply with the Vendor Code of Conduct, which ensures fair labor practices, employee health, safety requirements, and environmental accountability practices. The company meets or exceeds U.S. and European energy standards, and is WEEE compliant.

All of this dotting of i’s and crossing of t’s culminates in Jimmyjane toys that not only reach the next level of mind-blowing erotica, they’ve made their own level. Its new Little Steel Tonight vibrator of solid steel in a hand-finished satin texture is encircled with a sparkling eternity band of 28 round-cut black diamonds! Retail price of $2K: not so stunning! This vibe even comes with a leather tether in its cap for neckwear out on the town, and a guitar pick for strumming along with Dave Stewart’s “Let’s Do It Again.” Jimmyjane teamed with the Eurythmics icon to offer a free download of his song with the purchase of a Little Steel Tonight.

Sex, luxury and rock n’ roll. Long live Jimmyjane.


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