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Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Vibrators come in so many different shapes, sizes, and power levels, it’s safe to say there’s something for everyone. The Jimmyjane Form 5 takes personal pleasure to new heights, and like all Jimmyjane toys, this one is artfully crafted with a great feel.

The Form lineup of vibrators are all designed to make every surface of the vibe a possible pleasure point, and the Form 5 doesn’t disappoint!

The palm-sized pod features two super-thin, super-flexible wings that surround a firm “Pleasure Dome”. The design is meant to appeal to women and men, and be used on all sorts of body parts. With four different vibration patterns and five speeds, a powerful motor, simple controls, and a waterproof housing, it has a lot going for it.

So how well does it buzz? Let’s get to the stuff you can’t read on the box……

Bigger than a bullet, the Form 5 is easy to hold and the smooth silicone surface feels nice. The wings really are super soft, and very flexible. The controls are easy to reach and use, even with lube-covered fingers during self-use. And it’s surprisingly quiet. Really, really quiet. Bonus points for discretion here.

For Him…

Some guys like vibrations on their shaft, some can take it or leave. For those who like it, the Form 5’s wings do make for a nice wrap-around sensation, and they’re flexible enough they can even handle the girthier guys. An added bonus of those wings? The Form 5 can be used on the underside of his scrotum and along the super sensitive perineum. It makes for a really great blow job! Yes, it can take a bit of practice to get used to holding the vibe in place while sucking. But who’s going to complain about that?

For Her…Jimmy_Jane_FORM_5_Vibrator_Pink

This may be the best vibe for women who like strong vibration, without direct clitoral contact. The little vibe packs a surprisingly powerful punch, and the wings allow you to easily surround your clit with intense, deep, rumbly vibration, without actually touching your clit. Nice… and a great turn on for me. But I like direct clitoral touch once I’m all warmed up. Guess what? Press down just a bit and that Pleasure Dome is right there for pinpoint clitoral stimulation.

Here is where the Form 5 shines. A little lube and some time spent experimenting and I soon discovered this handy little vibe can pretty much be used in a whole variety of ways. Hold it this way, and you’ve got potent vibes with no direct contact, press down and you get more contact. Rotate it, and those wings slide right over your clit in a delicious way. But the real bonus for me was how easy it was to use during sex.

The shape and size make the Form 5 easy to hold, and keep, in just the right spot, even during some fairly vigorous romping. Most vibes are either so small they’re hard to keep in place when things get bouncy, or they’re so large they get in the way of some forceful thrusting. Not the Form 5. Just get the vibe where you like it and it’s easy to hold in place with your fingertips or palm of your hand.

The real bonus for me came after… When you’ve had an orgasm (or two, or three), and your clit is so sensitive it can’t handle direct touch, but you’re not done yet… Those little wings make all the difference in the world! They slide nicely on either side of your clit and deliver serious vibes to keep the orgasms going for a long, long time.

Bottom Line…

Vibes are personal things. Everyone likes to be touched in different ways. The Jimmyjane Form 5 may well be the most versatile vibrating toy around, able to deliver anything from gentle, general stimulation to potent pinpoint precision.

This little vibe is potent. It’s not as strong as that famous plug-in wand, but not everyone wants that. And even those who do, don’t want it all the time, or sometimes, they need something more discreet. Or something with more finesse for round two.


    • Waterproof and bathtub friendly
    • Phthalate-free silicone (use waterbased lube!)
    • Runs 4+ hours on a charge
    • 3 year warranty
    • 5 speeds, 4 patterns
    • USB charging
    • 3 colors – pink, plum, slate


The Jimmyjane Form 5 is available at the following online stores.


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JimmyJane offers an awesome line of Form toys besides the Form 5.  My Secret Luxury also has the entire set of Form vibes available at a tremendous savings.



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