Lelo Alia: Your New Bestie

Lelo AliaWhen I first opened the sleek, black packaging, I was all “ooooo” because that in and of itself is a sexy experience. Call it a bit of foreplay if you will: Lelo knows how to lead you on.

The real treat is what’s nestled into that sexy package-the Lelo Alia.

I think Alia would make a super nice present for somebody. There’s a definite wow factor when you open the box and see this shiny, pretty toy inside.  Alia also comes with a sexy black satin storage pouch, a charger, a booklet, a one year warranty, and a FREE BROOCH! I don’t know who would wear a brooch advertising their vibrator of choice, but I guess there are some people who do.  I keep looking for someone with it on, but so far no dice. When that joyous day comes, I’m totally high fiving her for A) having the balls to wear a vibrator pin and B) for choosing quality stuff.

Once you take her out of the box, the first thing you notice is that Alia is small.  Like, palm of your hand small.  But don’t let that size fool you: Alia is a surprisingly powerful vibrator for its size.  Alia’s outer shell is typical of all Lelo products–it’s smooth and soft and it glides right over your skin in the most delicious way. She’s made of body-safe silicone with an ABS core, and Alia is totally waterproof which makes her the perfect bath time toy.


Obviously when looking at the shape it’s clear that Alia is not an “insertion” toy (at least for us mortals).  It’s meant to be used externally, and its very simple shape means it is versatile.   Like all of Lelo’s Insignia series, it has a hole through it that lets you hook a finger or two and retain secure control, even with slippery (and distracted) hands.  Though sold as a “female” toy it is certainly possible to use it on men, and according to Mr. Crissy it has plenty of intensity in this role.

When I first turned Alia on, I was astonished at how quiet she was!  Seriously, if she hadn’t been vibrating in my hand, I wouldn’t have known she was on at all!  That’s super cool for when you’re traveling and visiting your in-laws or whoever.  Not everyone needs to know what’s taking you so long in the bathroom.  That’s between you and your new bff, Alia.

I found Alia’s 3-button interface, which is typical of Lelo pleasure objects, to be super easy to use.  The three buttons control vibration intensity through 6 variable modes. That makes it pretty easy to find your sweet spot and work it the way you want to for up to FOUR HOURS on a single charge.  I think if I masturbated for four hours, I would go numb from over-stimulation, but hey, some people are hardcore so they won’t be disappointed.

Lelo Alia

So that’s it Toy with Mes!

Alia is a cute little girl who gets the job done in a very quiet and civilized manner.

I rather like her.

Treat yourself to a Lelo ALIA Today!  Retails for $119.

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  1. ExpensiveToys

    Awesome review. I’ve tried the LELO Ina before but this new little vibrator seems really cool! My girlfriend and I we use a lot of toys to keep our relationship exciting so this will be a welcome addition to our collection! Thanks

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