41L9IvExuKL._SY355_There’s nothing like a good orgasm to lift your spirits. Maybe you’ve had a day full of dealing with obnoxious people who should stay home until they can be nice. Maybe your job lately has been nothing but stress on a stick. Or, like me, maybe you’re living through the fourth day of grey, rainy weather that’s making you grey yourself. A few days ago, I scored an incredible value on LELO’s ELLA dildo at Lovehoney -only 44 clams for a turnkey toy designed to provide precise g-spot performance with its sculpted end, and conventional stimulation with the other.

B002PNQJYG.01.PT02._SX512_SCRM_With a beautiful name and the elegant aesthetics for which LELO toys are known, LELO ELLA arrived along with her pretty white satin travel pouch in a non-descript white box housing a black jewelry box-like storage case embossed with the understated LELO logo.  LELO ELLA was good to go! I can’t tout a dildo enough for being ready to rumble straight out of the box. Ever-conscientious of body safety and ecological betterment, LELO makes ELLA out of body safe, phthalate free silicone (which takes only water-based lubricant).

This dildo is extremely lightweight, and seamless and sleek in both design and texture. I started my LELO  Ella extravaganza by also inviting my LELO NEA vibe to the party (see review). To me, vibes and dildos go together like peas and carrots. I illuminated my grey world with lavender candles, inhaled some much needed aromatherapy, got good and horizontally settled, and let myself relax and bask in the calmness. Power on, Nea! We spent some very high quality time together getting me to the edge of a clit orgasm, and then I lubed LELO  ELLA up and made my introduction. Starting slow, I brought her in and out of me, gradually and gently increasing my thrusts. The faster she went, the more intuitively ELLA performed. When I test a dildo, I’m always pleasantly reminded of how quickly it makes me cum. ELLA, NEA and I had whisked ourselves away to our own sunny world! Yay!

Loving the passion play radiating from this session, I made the beat go on and let NEA treat me to a clit orgasm. After catching my breath, I put ELLA’s g-spot end back up at bat, and only a few thrusts later, I was once again convulsing in orgasmic pleasure! Don’t let lovely ELLA fool you. She may look like an innocent, but she is most definitely a g-spot genius. Gosh, I didn’t get around to trying her other end. I guess I need to give LELO ELLA another go. 😉

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  • Made of phthalate free silicone.
  • 7″ long and 1¼ ” at widest point.
  • Weighs 3½ oz.
  • Available in black or white.


  • Waterproof. Get a side of wet with your wild
  • Soft and silky finish. Purrr.
  • Dual function toy. 2-for-1 treat!


  • White satin travel pouch.
  • Detailed instruction and care manual.
  • One-year warranty.


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  2. Chris

    That’s kind of what I thought. I’d like to treat my wife to something special like that. She is very reserved. In terms of the pure feeing, not the looks, is your answer the same?

    • Toy With Me

      Well, I truly do adore the ELLA, but every time I open the njoy box and see that sexy stainless steel wand nestled in fuchsia satin, my heart misses a beat. It is drop dead sexy. 🙂

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