Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System Review

Lelo-Luna-Pleasure-Bead-SystemLuna Beads are used to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.”

Wait, what?

Why should I care about my pelvic muscles?

Well, because with age and after having children, those muscles weaken. Weak pelvic floor muscles are the reason some of us pee a little when we sneeze (or as I like to call it ‘peezing’), cough or laugh. If these muscles get too weak you can have a prolapsed uterus or bladder, that’s fancy medical lingo for ‘stuffs falling out of your vagina‘. Also weak pelvic floor muscles can directly effect your ability to achieve orgasm.

Time to Get Kegeling!

Doing Kegels can help with keeping these muscles strong. They are relatively easy to do and this exercise can be done anywhere.  Simply relax your pelvic floor muscles like you are going to pee (but don’t actually pee) and then tighten them again holding your contraction for about 10 seconds. If you really want to work these muscles go to the bathroom, start to pee and then contract the muscles to stop the stream of urine. It’s hard, but a great work out! Just make sure to release and fully empty your bladder once you’ve finished exercising or you could risk a bladder infection.

You should do 10 reps of Kegels once a day to keep these muscles strong. If doing Kegels is not enough and you want a vagina of steal, then let me suggest Luna Beads.

Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System

Luna Beads are small weighted balls that are inserted into the vagina and worn for a period of time. They move with your body and kind of vibrate or shake stimulating your pelvic floor muscles to contract.

I have always been curious about Luna Beads (also known as Ben Wa Balls) since I read about them in Fifty Shades of Grey. In the book they are used as a sexual toy, of course, and after trying them… I now see why.

Vag of Steel

It’s a two for one deal…. They help in giving you a vagina of steel while getting you completely turned on in the process.

Hell, yes!

Luna Beads are inserted just like a tampon. The instructions suggest using a water based lube to help with insertion but I was afraid that would make them too slippery. The point is to keep them in not have them fall out. I just used a little spit, natures lubricant.

They come in two different sizes and weights. One made for women under 30 who haven’t had children and one made for women over 30 who have had children. I did try both sizes and the manufacturers were right, there is a definite difference in weight. I couldn’t even feel the smaller pink ones inside me (which is not the point) but the heavier blue ones (insert dirty blue balls joke here) I totally felt.

Improves Orgasms

Now these beads don’t induce an orgasm, that is not their purpose, but they do tickle and stimulate the walls of your vagina, which feels great! They also tighten up your vagina making orgasms feel better. Which makes it a total win/win happening all up in there!

I wore mine around the house for about 3 hours one morning, just doing my normal activities. I found walking upstairs the best way to make them move and even had to stop a couple of times mid climb because the stimulation of pleasure was sooo good. Now that’s my kind of exercising!

Momma like!

I also wore them out on a date night. Because we were just at dinner and I was mostly sitting I didn’t feel them move around a whole lot, but when we took a walk, yeah they were there and I could feel small shakes and vibrations with each step. I even found myself sashaying/swaying my hips as I walked to shake them more, which in turn caused my husband to look at my ass more, which turned him on and then it was go time!

I did find that I could only keep them in for a maximum of 4 hours before I started to feel a heavy soreness. I researched a recommended length of time to wear them but the results were inconclusive. So when they started to feel heavy, I just took them out.

Luna Beads are fun!

If nothing else, they get the mind on sex. I like their dual purpose of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles coupled with sexual stimulation. Since receiving them I have used them multiple times, not only because I like how they feel but also because I had triplets and a 10 lb. baby. I am not about my uterus falling out! Even though I don’t have any use for her anymore she can stay right where she is.

Also, peezing sucks.

**Do you practice Kegel exercises? Were you aware of the importance of doing so? Have you ever tried Ben Wa Balls or Kegel exerciser balls? What was your experience like?


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  1. Emma

    I’ve been doing kegels off and on since I was 15, but apparently doing them wrong! I’ve just spent a fortune on physiotherapy and learned how to do them correctly. I now do 3 different exercises twice a day in 3 different positions…lying, sitting and standing. I also am fond of Ben wa balls, even after a recent experience where they got stuck after some rather vigorous sex!

    • Toy With Me

      Thanks for bringing this up Emma. Losing Ben Wa balls or getting them stuck is a common concern for a lot of women. First off, it’s important to know, you cannot lose anything inside of the vagina. This is a close ended passage, whatever goes in must also come out the same way. Yes, sometimes things may get stuck. This is because the vaginal muscles have become contracted, once they relax you can retrieve the item.

  2. Camryn

    I know how important kegels are, so I have a semi-regular routine, but I don’t have any of the exercisers availible. I’m happy that these helped you, and now I’m fairly convinced that they’d help me! Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂

    • Toy With Me

      Camryn good for you for having a routine!! So many women don’t realize how important exercising your pelvic muscles are. Incontinence effects the majority of women in their later years due to child birth and this is such a simple way to avoid an embarrassing problem. Thanks for sharing!

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