Lelo Nea Vibrator ~ The pretty vibe!

LELO-NeaLeave it to LELO to engineer the lovely, pleasing NEA-a tantalizing little vixen of vibration that for a few astronomical seconds will send you to the stars. Known for designing refreshingly tasteful tools of erotica for discriminating adults, LELO is a company that rates simply brilliant at combining fabulous form with dizzying function.

Now let me take you on a little journey of specifics. Today I christened my new LELO NEA. Or should I say, she christened me. This afternoon, what did my wandering ear detect but the whir of the wheels of the UPS truck, a sound that fills each eager body on the street with anticipation … “Is it for me?” Well, it was for me, baby!

So Pretty

nea-deep-roseNea arrived in a watch box-esque package wearing only “LELO” on top. Cradled in a clear plastic casing, with her  instructions, charger, and a shimmering white satin travel/storage bag. We can both slip into something a little more comfortable.

Pair its captivating aesthetics with its compact size and Nea could masquerade as a makeup compact. Swathed in the decadent gloss of my chosen hue of vibrant fuschia, this striking product came adorned with silver engraved flowers perched elegantly on a vine. Almost too pretty to play with.

Light Weight and Comfortable

Taking her in my hand felt like a perfect fit, lightweight and natural. I thought I’d ease my way into things, getting a feel for my date with destiny while I charged her up and took a spin through the instructions. I plugged the charger into the designated hole in Nea, the adaptor into the wall, and then calmed myself for the necessary evil of two hours’ minimum charge time. Verdict? Well worth the wait.

Two Button Control

nea-roseI don’t want complicated when I’m trying to relax and treat my mind to the focus of one simple pleasure. So thank you, Lelo, for this two-button wonder, just a plus and a minus (unlabeled but easy to decipher). The first touch of the plus powers her up; each touch thereafter increases the speed. When the little speedster’s at full throttle, the plus button transforms into a pulse control, volleying between a generous five modes of pulse types ranging from short and fast to long and slow. The minus button takes you from a pulse mode to continuous vibration. The second touch of minus cuts the power, so don’t wander over there again until you’re ready to get off the ride!

Super Quiet

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Well, my little Nea got more than one chance. The first good impression was its discretion in the audio department. Even on the highest speed, it’s wonderfully quiet. Kudo #2: navigation. LELO very successfully designed Nea for clitoral stimulation, so leaving it free to wander is a very pleasant way of finding the best angle at which the two of you come together.

The larger round end fits in the palm of your hand and contours into a rounded tip-the workhorse. I pointed it downward, placed it atop Mount Clitoris, and took my sweet time descending to base camp. Up again. Back down. Oh yes.

Thank-you Nea!

ad-lelo-neaNot quite ready to end my adventure and bury my flag, I flipped her over in my palm so the tip pointed upwards, and took the pleasure trail from the bottom of my clitoris northward. At this juncture, I knew that she was about to bring me home – so this was the way to instant stimulation! Money well spent and smile well plastered, I thanked my NEA, profusely.

Exclusive Offer!

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  • Power Source: Rechargeable
  • Performance: Vibrator
  • Controls: Easy to use two button control
  • Special Features: Travel lock
  • Vibrations Levels: 5 vibrator patterns
  • Ins: Whisper quiet
  • Outs: I would have liked a touch more power


  • Material: Premium FDA approved ABS plastic
  • Texture: Smooth, hard plastic
  • Safety Features: Phthalate-free
  • Colors: Black, White and Deep Rose
  • Manufacturer: Lelo


  • Total Length: 2.95”
  • Width: 1.42”
  • Depth: .98”
  • Cost: 89.00 (Prices are subject to change)
  • Warranty: 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty

Overall Rating

**Based on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being not so great and 5 being awesome.

  • Noise Level: 5
  • Performance Satisfaction: 4
  • Value for the Price: 4
  • Intensity Level: 4
  • Overall Rating: 4


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  4. Toy With Me

    @Leina – Yes, essentially they are the same. When deciding it basically comes down to personal preference of the finish. Once you have decided you can go here to make your purchase. Enjoy 😉

  5. Leina

    Would Nea be better than Lily? Or are they just the same with different finishes? I’m thinking about getting one of them.

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  7. Cryssi

    The NEA is my absolute fave toy, and I have “a collection,” including Lelo’s Iris and MIA–my 2nd fave. Just a tip: If you’re looking for more power, lay on your stomach and ride the lil devil. Works like a blasted charm around here. Every time. 🙂

  8. I love my NEA! I have the white one. I think the pretty design is lovely, and just like you, I love the shape of the toy. I agree that it could be a bit more powerful, but other than that I adore this vibe. I think a lot of people prefer the LELO LILY to the NEA, but honestly I think the NEA’s finish makes for better slip n’ slide action down below. Also, I should mentioned that in my experience LELO does make good on their warranty. I had a faulty toy sometime last year and they did replace it! 🙂

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