Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects. I could stop there, because LELO spelled out pretty much sums up the company’s reason for being. But I believe you’d be interested to know more of the good stuff about this fabulous toymaker. Plus, you know I’m not exactly a woman of few words. 😉 But I’m not the only one … this progressive company has earned mention worldwide on the pages of more than 50 publications! We were lucky enough to interview the people at LELO recently. You can read the interview here.

From Sweden with love come the aesthetically sexy and feminine, gorgeously packaged, superior quality toys of LELO. Since 2003, this brainchild of designers Carl Magnuson and Eric Kalén and engineer Filip Sedic has been fulfilling a mission to become the standard others measure themselves by.LELO is the Apple of the sex toy industry … it gets what we want, and gives it to us. It recognized that the winds of change had come to the sex toy market and set out to create luxurious, cutting-edge alternatives to the conventional breeds. And while we may not expect LELO’s competition to serve up 18 karat gold-plated toys like the four-piece collection this Swedish trailblazer is unveiling at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, we as consumers can feel certain that this caliber of competition will benefit us in the end (ahem).

LELO excels at simplicity of function, like its four-quadrant dial that controls everything with a gentle push, and at transcending the basics, like making that dial double as a lock so you don’t suffer the consequences of a buzzing suitcase. And man is this company good at quiet! Even at full throttle, the vibes I’ve had the pleasure of using are no louder than a whisper. Psst! Pass it on.


Creating all of its products in-house gives LELO a leg up in meeting quality standards. Its medical-grade silicone and all materials are non-toxic and phthalate-free, satisfying stringent CE and RoHs standards that address product safety and sustainability. The company is constantly refining its products to maximize their lifespan, thereby minimizing LELO’s environmental footprint. Its Vendor Code of Conduct regulates environmental accountability practices as well as worker health and safety requirements and fair labor practices.

Because quality is paramount, I doubt I’ll need to enact LELO’s one-year worldwide manufacturer’s warranty, but standing behind its products speaks volumes about a company’s integrity and dedication to customer satisfaction. I would expect no less from the class act that is LELO.



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