Live Better, Love Better Video Series Review

ID-10041627I opened my eyes and there was a quiet about the house. The kids had to be entertaining themselves with video games or TV. I looked to my left, his breathing relaxed and deep. I let my eyes wander down his chest and then stop on his crotch.

Mmmm… morning wood. Good.

He had been awake or at least awake enough. I turned on my side and lightly traced my finger tips down his chest to his penis and then through the sheet, I began to rub. Softly at first but then harder.

His breath caught in his chest and then a soft, low moan escaped his lips. I knew he was willing and I wanted it.

This was going to have to be quick. Like they said in the video, not all sex has to be long and drawn out. Sometimes a quickie is just what the doctor ordered!

I pulled the sheet off of him and began to kiss down his chest, wanting to taste him, when I heard the rumblings of little feet and then came the yells.

MOM!!!” the oldest called, “There’s cat puke in the living room and the little kids stepped in it.”

A big heavy sigh escaped my lips. There is no better cock blocker than children and bulimic cats.

Life makes it very difficult to keep married sex alive and thriving. That’s where the people from the Sinclair Institute come to help.

The Sinclair Institute is a leading expert in sexual health products for adults who want to improve the quality of intimacy and sex in their relationships. The ‘Live Better Love Better’ video series is a collection of educational videos for couples who want to breathe new vitality into their sex lives.  Life is so demanding and seems to suck the sexiness out of a person at every turn. Jobs, kids, school, house, money, the list goes on and on of the things that get put before sex. But to me, keeping our married sex life alive and functioning is important. I’ll take all the help I can get!
At first, I wasn’t too excited about watching these videos. I was a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Was I just going to watch a bunch of porn stars go at it? Or was I going to be listening to some dry old ‘sex expert’ tell me to thrust my pelvis in ways that my pelvis doesn’t move.

I took a deep breath and put in the first DVD.

12 Ways to Boost Your Libido

This video is for the ladies! There is a lot of discussion about a woman’s body and how to arouse her. They also examine every thing from diet to tips on giving a woman good oral sex. They didn’t just zero in on sex, but intimacy and how to increase that in your relationship. Things like a night where you and your partner just make out, no sex at all, sensual massage or different ways to role play. They included a lot of ‘out of the box’ ideas to spice up your sex life and keep us girls wanting more!

Even though this video says its for women, I think it would be a great one to watch as a couple with the guys taking notes and given a test at the end.

10 Ways to Go Longer & Stronger

This video is focused on men. The main topic being how a man gets his erection to last longer thus increasing the pleasure for him. They discussed every thing from different positions, erection enhancing toys and also provided tips on how to give a good blow job.

Yes, I took notes.

Overall, both videos had some really good points and tips that would work in real life. Yes, the dialog was kind of cheesy at times and so where some of the situations, but they used real married couples with real bodies. I liked that.

The biggest take home message was that if you want more sex, you need to have sex. Sex begets sex. And it doesn’t have to be some huge, long, drawn out, romantic deal where you need roses, candles, and hours of time. No, sometimes the best sex happens as a quickie in the shower or in the laundry room while hiding from the kids.

101 Sexual Positions

This was the one I was the most excited to watch! I mean, who doesn’t want to try new sex positions?! And really, let’s face it, on your back, legs up in the air can be sooo boring.

I started watching this by myself one afternoon but soon stopped when a better idea came to mind. I set up a date night with my husband in the basement after the kids were asleep and we watched it together. When we saw a position one of us liked, we tried it, on the couch.

Best stay in date night ever!

Like the other videos they used real married couples with real bodies who demonstrated different positions allowing you to learn why they were good for him and her.

I really liked the menu on this DVD because the different positions are broken up into categories: laying, doggie style, girl on top and standing. Feel like trying something new? Just pick a category. And in case your curious, no we did not try any of the standing positions. I am not that coordinated.

This video collection was definitely worth my time. I plan to share them with my friends and possibly give them to people as wedding presents. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!


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    We all know how that goes. Even being here by myself I have a heard time enjoying myself to the fullest and have to have a lot of quickies.

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