Sex toys of the rich and famous

ID-100116136Do you ever play that game where you daydream about all of the crazy things you’d buy for yourself if you won the lottery? I’m not talking about a piddly million or two either, I’m talking about winning enough money to shower your deserving hotness with anything your little heart could desire. Ponies? Snap your fingers and bring me a bakers dozen. A cute little Mercedes convertible? How about a garage full of them at your beck and call.  Horny? How about a diamond encrusted gold vibrator for you to play with while  the pool boy is busy fixing you lunch or making himself look delicious for you. Oh yes ladies, this is a fun little daydream isn’t it? On that self indulgent note, here is a list of some of the most ridiculously expensive and decadent sex toys on the planet.

Jimmyjane Little Gold
We just reviewed the Jimmyjane Little Gold and we’re seriously impressed. This is the vibrator that Kate Moss uses, so according to Vogue, it’s made the 24 carat gold vibrator incredibly popular. Who knew we were privy to what sort of vibrators celebrities used? But I can totally see why she’d want to use it. It’s elegant and refined and makes you feel like your really pampering your vagina.
Purchase Price – $325.00 at Babeland

My g-spot is special. In fact I think that my g-spot is so damn special that it deserves to have a gold dildo pleasuring it. The OLGA is a true work of art and like the rest of the LELO LUXE line is crafted of 18K gold and comes in a gorgeous wooden gift box. She is also available in stunning silver.
Purchase Price – $3490.00 at Babeland

Remember the pool boy that was busy making you lunch? Why not treat him to this cute little butt plug? Designed specifically to target the prostate, You can bet your pool boy will be in heaven.You might  feel a touch of jealousy that he gets to have an 18K  sex toy nestled in his ass instead of you. Maybe you can just keep it for yourself and let him have the matching cuff links that come included with EARL.
Purchase Price – $1,590.00 at Babeland

I absolutely adore this little vibrator. The YVA shares the same platform as the LELO NEA which Is one of my favorite vibrators of all time and at $90.00 is one of the best values for a luxury vibrator. Want to take it to the next level and have it plated in 18K gold? Consider it done.
Purchase Price – $2,890.00 at Babeland

Jimmyjane Eternity
Isn’t she gorgeous? This over the top beauty is a cousin of the Jimmyjane Little Gold that we recently reviewed. Not only does she share the same decadent gold exterior, but is also spectacularly ringed by 28 round-cut VS1 diamonds for 360 degrees of wow.
Purchase price – $2,750.00 at Babeland

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  1. I wouldn't consider myself naive, but gold but plugs? Seriously? I had no idea these things existed. The first one would definitely be on my list of purchases if I won the lottery. For real!

  2. Boo. I was really hoping to be on that list with the tag of "marketed specifically to Justin Timberlake, Gerard Butler, and that really pretty guy from White Collar."

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