Male Prosititution Comes To The Brothels OF Nevada

absDisclaimer: I have no qualms about prostitution. I find it mind boggling that it’s illegal in any sense to charge for something that’s available for free. If this country would stop legislating morality and focus on shit like educational funding, we’d have smarter kids. 

The Las Vegas Review Journal just reported that Male prostitution is officially legal in Nye County, Nevada and the Shady Lady Brothel is leading the way. You’d think that in a state where vice rules and a state motto of “what happens here stays here” that the stud scenario would be a no-brainer. Not so for all Licensing Board members it seems.

Both  Nye County Sheriff Tony DeMeo and County Commissioner Butch Borasky Both take issue with the decision.

Their argument: the health implications of the male-for-hire scenario haven’t been adequately addressed.

My argument: these are two guys who look one step away from Phil Donahue and the creepy Colonel from Boogie Nights (after they throw him in the slammer). They’re two guys no one wants to fuck and they’re bitter about some random stud in their county getting paid to dole-out action.

To quote the article:

DeMeo is worried that female customers won’t — and maybe can’t — be subjected to the same sort of pre-sex examinations that men undergo in most of Nevada’s legal brothels.

As a practice, DeMeo said, prostitutes wash their customers and check them for signs of disease before getting down to business. Without some similar procedure for female customers, he said it could increase the chances of someone contracting a venereal disease, even with the use of a condom.

“I don’t want to see that happen. I don’t think anybody else does either,” he said.

Seriously? DeMeo obviously knows fuckall about women.

We love to be pampered. Taken care of. Nurtured, and especially in the sexual sense. After a day of being a type A personality, I’m ready for some TLC and submissive behavior. Let’s have a bath. Wash me. Touch every square inch of me (even if it’s under the guise of affection, we know it’s an examination). Chicks dig baths. Hot guy wants to give me a scrub-a-roo? Where do I fling my clothes?

While I appreciate what the Shady Lady’s doing, I’m not one for indulging in cash-for-cunnilingus. As open as my words are, I’m fiercely protective of my sexual play and require intimacy to feel open and expressive. I’m fairly sure that’s something money can’t buy – at least for me. While I won’t contend that I haven’t partaken in the occasional zipless fuck in my 37 years, I do know that it’s not what I’m looking for from here on out. While I’m supremely fortunate to be in a relationship that is –exquisitely permissive – with regards to my needs, wants and kinks, I figure there are some out there who need a little extra something (or someone) to get them through.

Me? I’ll stick with my Private Dick. I’ll also tell DeMeo and Borasky that they should look at the statistics regarding STDs and protected sex and give you guys the upside to studs coming to corral in Nevada:


Whether male or female, we all have fantasies. If we can pay to have our tits done, tummies tucked and teeth whitened, why can’t we pay for the fulfillment of thoughts that linger in the kinky crevasses of our minds? For women engaging in a male-for-hire scenario, there’s a lot to potentially fulfill. For the power broker gal, exploration of the submissive. For the timid, the opportunity to be in control. For the lesser-experienced, the chance to explore new territory with a “guide.” I won’t deny that I think the UPS man is sexy in his run around town browns…I have no doubt that it’d be entirely possible to live that one out with some advance notice, too.

The Forgiving Threesome

Some couple wonder what “a third” would add to their sex play. A brothel with studs offers up a multitude of possibilities. For a guy wondering what it would be like to watch his girl with another guy – the stud is safe. A no-strings, no phone number scenario where he remains king while his queen gets her just desserts.

For the woman, she can indulge without threatening her male partner’s role. She also has the opportunity to safely let him explore any male-male contact in his fantasies (should the stud be willing).

For both, it’s the chance to try a kink on for size with no strings attached. Pat for play and go on your way.


Prostitutes are a special breed. The good ones are likened to Geishas and courtesans, sought-after companions who are more than just sex, but thought, spirit and body combined. Why is it so foreign a thought to think that women would seek out a companion-du-jour? Some days just suck and it’s great to have someone there. Studs offer women what call girls and kept women have offered men for ages: a captive audience in exchange for a fee. And it doesn’t even have to be sexual. Sometimes we just want you there. To talk. Conversation is a fantasy in and of itself.

As I’m quite content with my bedroom door closed and mind open, I’m curious to hear your thoughts about the new livestock on the block at the Nye County Fair.   I’m really interested in your feelings on Nevada’s new boy toys.

Ladies: are they a service you would use? Why? Why not?

Men: how do you feel about prostitution? Have you partaken?



  1. Dear Redhead

    @ToyWithMe – From my understanding, brothels “pre-approve” prostitutes for certain acts. A customer makes clear what they’re looking for and are offered only those who will perform those services. Brothels are strictly business. If a guy says he’s prepared to go both ways, he better be sure of his commitment.

    I once toured Shari’s in Pahrump (the nicest possibly in Pahrump). We were given a tour of the place by one of the girls. She explained everything very casually, yet matter-of-factly to us. Girls are on 6 week contracts and work 7 days a week. They have shifts and must clock in and out. There is a menu of pre-approved, priced services. Money is paid by the customer in advance – nothing is left to chance. Additional services must be negotiated and paid prior to rendering. It’s less the “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” and (believe it or not) more McDonald’s: you get what you pay for.

  2. Dear Redhead

    Something interesting to note in the LVRJ article is that, as with any pay-for-play encounter, all parties must be willing. Thus, that means that in order for a homosexual encounter to occur, you have to have a stud who goes both ways. THOSE, in my opinion, will be harder to find than a straight guy or gay male who’s interested in servicing one side only.

    I did consider the homosexual implications, but you’re right, Bill – it begs more discussion, and perhaps more thought on the side of the brothel owners as well.

  3. Manical Mom

    I think legalizing it all over the world is exactly the way to go! Come on…porn movies are legal…and those people are getting paid…just ask Jenna Jameson!
    I think men are afraid women will turn to that all the time because these men are skilled and PAID to pay attention…why go back to shitty sex for free when you can have awesome sex for a few bucks!

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