More toys for the guys to give away!

We are having a great time giving away the awesome toys that we got from our fabulous vendors to celebrate #AdultSexEdMonth!  

Yesterday we did a new review of the #1 selling sex toy for the guy – the Fleshlight.  You still have a chance to win one of these bad ass toys!

Check out the Fleshlight website for all kinds of toys for the boys – amazing array of toys to help out your guy when you’re not around!



AND……….We have more!!!!  Since we are thinking about pleasing the guys this week, we have the Adam & Eve Rock Solid Penis Ring Sampler!  Well, we all know that if we make the guys happy, we’ll get to be happy too!  And there is a great satisfaction to slipping on a penis ring – I personally LOVE helping my guy put these on!


Rock Solid Penis Ring Sampler

Four Rings With Four Completely Different Effects! One of the few things that men and w… [More]

This prize is valued at $19.95 – or you can just  Buy Now if you are just dying to try these out!
So….. Who’s going to be the lucky winners????

Enter to win until tomorrow night – sign up for our email list with your name and email address and one of you lucky readers will get to experience your very own Stamina Training Unit!  Or get the Rock Solid Penis Ring Sampler!

If you have already signed up for our mailing list, and want a chance to enter this contest – just leave a message below about how much you would love one of these toys and how you would use it – hehe…!!


Tomorrow night we will announce the winners!

Stay turned for more amazing toys, and more!  Hey girls, believe me we got some great stuff for you too.

Celebrate #AdultSexEdMonth!




  1. Pete

    First off, thanks for hosting this awesome month long giveaway!! Winning either prize would be awesome, but I’m really hoping to win the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. I could definitely use this as foreplay with my lady and have her use it on me as I occupy myself with giving her similar pleasure with one of her toys. Mutual masturbation sessions would be fun!

  2. Property Of Potter

    I would love to win the Fleshlight for my hubby! He doesn’t get spoiled nearly as often as I do with toys! 🙂

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