Overcoming Sexpectations: How Great Women Can Have Great Sex

ID-10090861Nothing like a little help from a chemist to cook up some sexy suggestions for Valentine’s Day!

That’s where Wendy Widom from Bedroom Chemist comes in.  I invited Wendy to share some of her favorite tips for Valentine’s Day and explain more about the fabulous concept behind the Bedroom Chemist. Personally, I think these kits are an ideal way to help couples put the *spark* back into their relationship.


Recently I was chatting with a friend about the pressure women in long-term relationships face on Valentine’s Day when she said, “I wish I could just take off my vagina, hand it to my husband, and say, “Here is my vagina. Go have fun and give it back to me after you’re done.”


These days, too many of us are choosing sleep, Facebook, books, movies, and even plucking our eyebrows over sex with our partners. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. After years together, we’re bored with the same sexual routine. We feel territorial about our bodies and our time, and sometimes we’re just lazy. Enter those evil sexpectations, when we focus more on whether we’re meeting our partners’ physical needs rather than our own. And how erotic is everyday life, with its mundane responsibilities, anyway?

Fortunately, getting our sexy back is easy. We all deserve to reclaim our inner sex goddess.

Here are three easy ways to ignite a Valentine’s Day spark sure to last all year long.

Shake It Up

Sex is like dinner. We need a variety of main courses, side dishes, and desserts over the years to feel fueled and satisfied. So make a list of all the sexcapades you’d like to try and have your partner do the same. Maybe firefighters make you hot or you want to relive prom night. Maybe he wants you to be his dominatrix. Whatever the case, now is the time to find out.

Put Yourself First

Too often, we put everyone else’s needs before our own, and this carries over into the bedroom. When our sex lives start to drag, we may focus on our partner’s libido or frustrations rather than stoking our own desires. So do me a humongous favor. Add another love to your Valentine’s Day list this year: you!

What gets you tingling down below? Do you like taking on a power role, or are you yearning for hubby to get rough and raunchy? Communicate your needs to your partner without blame or shame. Then go have some fun.

Amazing O’s

You can break out of the sex doldrums. In fact, you must. We all must, because we all deserve passion, romance, giggles, and goose bumps. And O’s. We SO deserve amazing O’s, not only on Valentine’s Day but all year long. And that’s where Bedroom Chemist comes in. Each month, women from all over country report that Bedroom Chemist kits bring joy, intimacy, and romance back into their sex lives. We love helping women connect with their partners in ways that are passionate and playful.

Let this Valentine’s Day be a time of love for you. And remember to love yourself, your body, and all of the exquisite pleasures it can bring you. As we all know: Great women deserve great sex.

To learn more about the kits from Bedroom Chemist click here.


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