Ring of Desire

fun-factory-lovering-8ightLet’s be honest here…most of us women don’t see the promised land with simple penis in vagina sex. We need some care and attention paid to the gates of heaven, better known as the CLITORIS. If you are in the 3% club…meaning the 3% of women who can have multiple orgasms from someone just breathing in their direction, I envy love them. There tends to be three prominent “orgasm” type, and obviously a whole spectrum on either end of the scale. There are the 3%, then there are women who can orgasm with some focus and attention and then there are the women that it literally becomes a job for them! See, for some woman, it takes a bit more knocking at the door than a little slap and tickle. In fact, some days, it is like canvassing the neighborhood looking for a political endorsement. It can be that much work.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine…I am not a whole lot of work when it comes to achieving orgasm. In fact, I have become so skilled in the self love department that I could literally bang out 10 to 12 of those bites of joy in a 30 minute session, for real! Needless to say, the big O is not something that often escapes me. What I have come to appreciate, nay, LOVE, is a well placed sex toy, better known as a C ring or a cock ring for you children of the 60’s. In days gone by, a C ring was a tight, uncomfortable instrument of torture. Snuggly gripping the shaft of the penis, this little contraption would literally keep the blood in the penis shaft from the scrotum to the head. Often, that pressure would prolong the erection, to almost and uncomfortable time frame, making it difficult for a man to reach orgasm.

I will say this much, 90% of women do not want to have 45 to 60 minutes of relentless pounding…no matter what porn says. We too, want to reach the promised land of orgasm within a reasonable time frame. We have things to do, nails to paint and chocolate to consume. Endless hours of fucking are not often at the top of most women’s lists. Don’t get me wrong. There are days, many many days, where a long leisurely screw can be just what the doctor ordered. A heart pounding, skin bruising animalistic roll in the hay can be the right medicine too! What I am referring to is the week by week, desire for a physical connection, no clothing included. Most women after 15 to 30 minutes of penetration begin to have their natural lubrication dry up and need some assistance of a lubricant. It is at that point, most men are close to orgasm and do not want to stop the thrusting to lube their woman up. They are in the moment and really, it’s pretty difficult to stop a speeding bullet. In our minds, at that point, we may be thinking, just finish already, I’m missing American Idol! I know that sounds mean, but come on! It’s getting uncomfortable, I know he’s close to cumming…let’s just concentrate on him finishing and maybe tomorrow night will be my turn. We all know that sex is a give and take right? It’s not always about simultaneous orgasm. That is, until I found this saving grace.

Say HELLO to my little friend! Enter the C ring! Holy Mother of GAWD, thank the penis gods! This little toy has changed the world of penis in vagina sex for this hot momma! C rings now are made with a much more forgiving material. Often made of silicone or thermal plastic elastomer, these rings comfortable grip the shaft of the penis, holding in a manageable blood flow, ensuring the penis is erect for longer than 5 minutes. The average male can have an orgasm in 5 to 8 minutes while women need approximately 8 to 15 minutes to achieve orgasm. So, most women are left approximately 7 to 10 minutes outside the gates of heaven. DAMN IT! So not fair! A C ring will equalize that time. It speeds you up and it slows him down! How fantastic is that??? Seriously, had to have been designed by a woman!

Let’s talk about the nitty gritty of what a C ring is. Most C rings have a bullet type attachment, because women need some kind of vibration or attention on the clitoris to bring around orgasm. It really isn’t a complicated toy with mircochips, multiple buttons and blinking lights. It is an “idiot proof” toy. Oh how I wish I could be like my friend who shall remain nameless…she knows who she is and is killing herself laughing reading this article. If you blink in her direction, she can have an orgasm (Bitch!) Alas, I am not and I need some clitoral stroking and buzzing. The Promised Land is prefaced by a battery operated toy that calls to me! C rings are the best toy that can give a couple face to face, eye to eye, penis to vagina orgasms. You are more likely to have a simultaneous orgasm with some type of clitoral stimulation while he is thrusting. Not that it’s guaranteed…but it is more likely.

Think of a C ring as a wonderful necklace for your penis! Really! Just like we want to dress up our bodies for that special occasion, think of a C ring as dressing up for every occasion! Here is one piece of advice that many women will thank me for. Just because you have a C ring on does not make you Mario Andretti of the mattress! Don’t try to speed it up because you think you are now superman on crack and can up the dick meter by 5000% percent! You still want to take it easy on her. Another piece of advice, do not put the C ring on and then shake your penis at me asking what I think. First of all, I am going to probably shut down that freak show very quickly. Second of all, I don’t put on a bra and shake my boobs at you asking what you think…although I am sure most men would LOVE that little side show.

Any toy introduced into the bedroom is meant to enhance the sex, not replace you in the mix. I truly believe that sex toys in the bedroom are a way to even the playing field, take a lot of the mind work out of sex and help a couple to find their rhythm.

Here is my last tip for the men in the room. Do NOT, and I do say this emphatically…DO NOT finish first, pull off the C ring and offer it to her to finish herself off. The next time she is helping you slide that little baby on, you will likely feel the snap of that ring around the shaft of your penis and it will hurt, I guarantee…or she may slide it down with very little lube…road rash anyone?

Have fun with a C ring. It is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

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  1. Great review! And good tip about road rage. I do think that cock rings should come with a label that lube might not be needed at the beginning, but it will definitely be appreciated at the end.

  2. bumpfairy

    Yah… I could never get one to work. I'm whatever percentage *that* may be. Vibe anything only work for me if there is a constant clitoral presence… and the come and go of a vibrating bullet on a c-ring just never gets me there. Also, if anyone comes near me and claims to be one of the magical 3% they better do so with good running shoes on, because a woman that lucky has earned a chase down beating 😉

    • Woman on top with you shifted slightly backwards on his penis, with a circular motion or a grinding motion…gives you constant vibration on the clitoris…because I need the same thing!

  3. Nice try 🙂

    Keep in mind that often C rings are made of silicone or thermal plastic elastomer which allows for a 'comfortable' grip on the shaft of the penis. Chances are you'll find the pressure of certain C rings no more than what you yourself might apply with you hand.

  4. Blue Lizard

    The Wife and I have placed C-Rings in strategic locations around the house (never know when an opportunity may arise) as well as one in the car. Ours, however, do not have an attached vibrator. But that is definitely on our shopping list.

    As advertised, they do enhance the sex for both of us. I stay firmer longer…she gets the satisfaction of an intense orgasm or two (altho she is one of those 3%ers…I think she appreciates my help!)

    Nice to read an article about cock rings from a woman's point of view.

    • Sounds like Easter everyday only for adults 🙂 Thanks for the feedback regarding a woman's POV on what is typically marketed to men. Comments such as this are very helpful.

    • Thanks for your comments! I love to hear that couples are enjoying toys together and that they are being creative with them! I love the idea of stashing goodies all over the house!

  5. Dana

    Loved the article Nat – if I had a dude I'd run right out and get one for the two of us to try out – as it stands, it's on my "to-do" list! Keep on writing, who knew you were such a talent!

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