Where Do You Keep Your Libido?

84 years young and born in France, Rosine believed every woman should keep their libido in their nightstand, something she would come to share with her niece and her friends. Rosine shamed them about their pathetic sex lives. She lectured them about the wonders of hormones generated by sex. According to Rosine, sex is vital to women and women who forsake it lose out on more than just an orgasm. I couldn’t agree more.

Rosine’s lectures resonated with Paula. With the birthdays of friends fast approaching and stuck for gift ideas she concluded that her Aunt was right when she once stated, “in my country, if a woman doesn’t have a lover she has a libido”. Plus, what could be more awesome then giving your best friends a vibrator as a gift? Clearly, nothing!!

Unfortunately she discovered that the beginner toys she wished to purchase were rather plain and non- descriptive. Not exactly what she had in mind. Being a creative mind, Paula was hoping for something fun, colorful and exciting! Thus an idea was born!

Requesting the artistic talent of Rosine, Paula soon had THE perfect present. Hand painted, personalized vibrators!

Excited to give this most unique gift, the only thing left to do was find a card that was equally inspired. The search was fruitless. Hallmark may be great for sentiments of most occasions, but regrettably they seemed to be lacking in the “Hey, I made you a personalized vibrator for your birthday!” area. Discouraged, Paula decided that the only way to do things right was to do it yourself. So she set forth to design a collection of cards filled with humorous and heartfelt sentiments with a sexual undercurrent.

The gifts and cards were such a success that friends started putting in requests for special designs. To them, Paula’s token of friendship was brilliant. They to wanted to share Rosine’s vision, that ‘women of ages should enjoy and embrace sexuality.’

Overwhelmed with demand, Paula, an entrepreneurial mind, realized what an enormous gap there was in the market and recognized a niche that needed filling. This became the birth of Naughtily Yours.

Delighted that her lectures had become, not only a business for her niece, but also, a way to get her message out, Rosine, brush in hand, personally hand painted each design. When the prototypes arrived she was impressed with their “ladylike” appearance.

Full of life and with an important message to share, it was then that Rosine decided she wanted to be the PR spokeswoman for Naughtily Yours. The media was her target. She wanted all women to know the importance of staying sexually active.

I am saddened to say Rosine passed away just a few short months ago. She did not die from old age or too much sex, but an allergic reaction to Novocaine. I cannot put into words my love for this woman whom I’ve never met. Her vision was much like my own. To get sex and sex toys out of the closet and inform woman of the importance of celebrating their sexuality without shame or excuses for embracing it.

In honor of Rosine and her passion to share with all woman the significance of a healthy, active sex life I invite you to see her creations at Naughtily Yours.

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So ladies, where do you keep your libido?


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  1. In my hand. Well, mostly on my finger tips. And nearly always in my dreams. They are such wonderful creations, those dreams.
    Lately, I let my partner take care of it for me, too. (She’s very careful. It’s so sweet!)