Riding The Crimson Wave – Having Sex On Your Period

Having sex on your periodRecently, I was out to dinner with a friend who’s deep into the modern art scene. “Really, she’s fantastic!” my friend kept saying. “You just have to see it!” My friend is desperately trying to convince me to meet a woman who calls herself an “artist.” I disagree. Why? Because I don’t actually know that collecting and then using your menstrual fluids to paint with should be considered “art.” Still, she was bringing up a good point: why are we so squeamish about women’s periods?

Bathe In The Blood Of Virgins

Now, technically the Torah is pretty clear on the whole thing; no sex during your period, also known as being in “Niddah,” NOR the week after, the so – called “Seven White Days.” So, that’s two weeks out of the month that the Torah says we can’t have sex… that’s a lot of not – fucking. Now, you can debate whether or not this is sexist, but when you think about back in the day, when people thought that spirits made you sick and the best way to get better was to do some kind of a dance and bathe in the blood of virgins or some crazy shit like that, you sorta can’t blame folks for freaking out over people bleeding for over a week with no greater side effects than fatigue and cramps. They didn’t understand it and it scared them, so they did the best they knew how to do; “no – touchy.” And sex on the rag? SUPER DUPER “no – touchy.”

I’m sorry, but I can’t not have sex for two weeks out of the month, and I think that if I tried to institute that now, my husband would divorce me… so I guess that tells you where we fall on the idea of “riding the crimson wave.” I think most people today are pretty cool with vaginal intercourse during a woman’s period, and most people I know wouldn’t be shocked to hear that some couples abstain because they find it “gross,” or “icky.”

It’s Taboo

“I mean, I wouldn’t go down on a girl when she’s bleeding. That would be like drinking her blood right?!” My male interviewee’s response. I told him that I had once dated a man who was totally find going down on me during my period, so long as I had a tampon in. Logically, it made sense, but I was never able to let him do it, because it was so ingrained in me that this was, to a large degree, taboo. Sex during my period was kind of exciting, because it was so prohibited, but I could never get behind someone putting their face down there. Not during THAT! My interviewee agreed: “No, man, I… no. I couldn’t. I could have sex with her, and I would totally make up for it with oral before and after she stopped bleeding, but not during!”

I’m Horny As Hell During My Period

Still, to be fair, I can see why some woman would have taken my ex up on his offer. I’m usually more aroused during my cycle. Maybe it’s because of the constant stimulation of things happening down there, or maybe it’s because of my hormones, but I can be horny as hell during my period. Throw down a towel, give me a naked guy, and I’ll have a pretty enjoyable evening planned out! Plus, to the best of my knowledge, your period slows down when you’re having sex… so you could really go at it for hours without concern of looking down (because hells yes, I would be on top) to find a crime – scene underneath you.

Some Of My Best Orgasms

And there are other benefits. Those of us who sometimes have trouble getting wet know that that isn’t an issue during your period! Ok, maybe it’s not the type of moisture your partner was looking for, but hey! Everyone can enjoy sex now for almost as long as you like without worry of drying up, or too much friction! Mother nature has pretty much paved the way and said, “Happy Trails!” Frankly, I enjoy having sex during my period for all of the above reasons, and have had some of my best orgasms during that time. Though, I can see why my husband prefers not to use his fingers at all during that time…

Afraid Of Blood

I can’t really say whether sex during your period is “wrong,” but I don’t hate on folks who get freaked out by the “ick” factor. I do it, but I also pick boogers out of my kitty’s nose… so that tells you a bit about me, I guess. To be fair though, it’s only when they’re really bothering him.

Anywho, back to the point! Some woman are “afraid of blood,” but manage to have their periods, and some men are find with blood, so long as it doesn’t come out of their girlfriend’s vagina. It’s a weird sort of line we draw: blood is ok, but only a certain type, and only from a certain place. CSI will show more bloody crime scenes than the Civil War, but I doubt they’ve ever once shown a used tampon or pad. Why is that? Why are we so squeamish when it comes to menstrual fluids?

And what do you think? Is it some sort of beaten – in sexism that tells us that sex with Aunt Flow is “dirty” and “wrong?” Do you do it? What limits do you draw: is vaginal ok, but no oral? Straight to anal? Or do you wait the two weeks until your woman is ritually clean?



  1. Grant

    Love this..so interesting knowing what you ladies are thinking about such an intimate issue. That said, I dare say that my wife was horniest and had her strongest orgasms during her period. She was extremely selfconscious about it…me-not at all…I would try to give her “exterior” oral..but always ended up with her pulling me back up and wanting me in her… I will take bloody sex over post menopausal doledrums anytime…ahhhh, the good old days.

  2. jovanah

    My bf and I used to hate having sex on period, it was just too nasty. but after I read this interesting blog http://sexonperiod.com I learned how to spice it up during these days. Men are so simple, just give them great sex and you will keep them forever, LOL 🙂

  3. AndyB

    I think that period sex is great. The blood doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. And yes, it’s messier, but so what — sex is always messy.

    But the extra hormonal horny enthusiasm, that’s what makes it so much fun.

  4. John

    I've earned my "red wings" and happen to think that sex with women on their period is great. The blood thing is no big deal. For crying out loud, if bodily fluids make you squeamish, sex is just not the thing for you. I happen to like the extra warm feeling. Yes, I'll give you that it's a bit messy. So what. Same rules apply as before.

    My current girlfriend wouldn't let me go down on her last time and that's OK. If she's not comfortable with that, it's not a problem for me. Still, I was headed there. I did try.

    Seeing her extra horny and wanting to devour me is all I need to know that we'll have a great time. Everything else you can wash off.

    BTW, one girlfriend of mine used to get very bad cramps and she said that intercourse always helped lessen them. I always replied that I was "happy to do my part" 🙂

  5. Michelle

    I don't think it's taboo! I'm 26 and just found this site. (Looking for ways to explain my vibrator to my nine year going through puberty girl). I'm on depo so I don't really have lady days anymore, but when I did. Horny as hell when on! If my partner seemed like the oh no type, I wouldn't even tell him…take a shower and you're good for about 15 minutes. Then just call it a quickie! Other than that it usually falls on the guys feelings….

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