So what is AdultSexEdMonth……

It’s June!  Summer fun and…… AdultSexEdMonth!  A whole month devoted to educating YOU about sex!  A sex bloggers dream!

If you missed my post yesterday, be sure to have a look.  To celebrate this month we are having tons of giveaways of our favorite toys!  There still is time today to win the My Private “O” Massager!  Just sign up for our email list by midnight tonight, and never miss out on any ToyWithMe!

So – just what is AdultSexEdMonth?  Never heard of it! Well, you should be glad that you are now! It’s an entire month dedicated to educating any and every adult on the glorious act of sex! (My kind of month!).

Have you always had these burning questions about sex that you may have been just a tad bit to embarrassed to ask anyone? Or maybe you didn’t wanna seem like such a prude for not being “hip” and already knowing the latest sex craze! Well if either of these is you, then you are in luck, cause June is Adult Sex Ed Month!

ASEM-logo-250 And there is a website devoted to this sex ed filled month –

 Everything you ever wanted to know, jam packed into one awesome site. You don’t have to sit at home anymore and twiddle your fingers thinking of ways to spice up your sex life.  Go ahead and browse the site and you’ll pick up new fetish ideas or ways to make your current routine more jazzy! I mean I was on there for 15 minutes and I already have so many new things I want to try!

There are a ton of articles to choose from with topics ranging from giving the best hand job to dealing with insecurities in the bedroom. To become more confident and comfortable with our sexual selves, readers are encouraged to engage in sharing their favorite sex ed stories online on various social media site. You can follow discussions on Twitter by looking out for conversations with hash tags like #sexovercocktails or #sextalktuesday!  #AdultSexEdMonth will keep you in the loop on all the news.  There will be giveaways, so be sure to check the site often during the month.  You don’t want to miss out on any of the fun! 

 Sex bloggers will be sharing tons of stories about their kinky, fun excursions, there will also be lots of pod casts, videos and graphics to view and listen to! There is a great amount of information on almost any sex topic you can think of; there are “how to” type of articles with informative detailed advice on naughty sex tricks and there are articles explaining in plain words all of those juicy naughty little things you’ve always wanted to know! This month is all about helping others gain insight on achieving and maintaining a better, healthier safer, sexier sex life!

Toy With Me is happy to be a sponsor for the month, and we’ll be having our own fun at!  We have contest and prizes to give away, so be sure to follow us on our blog, or on Facebook or Twitter.   I’m super excited to be a part of June, stay tuned!     #AdultSexEdMonth 


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