The Bisous by Nexus ~ Sex Toy Review

Bisous3The part that goes where does what?


And it’s a rabbit toy with vibration for the clit?

Well, sign me up. I’ll take two.

That’s what I was thinking when I was told about the Nexus Bisous. This pretty pink toy is a rabbit sex toy by design and by name means ‘kiss me’ and that’s kind of what happens with she is used. She rotates and kisses the inside of your vagina all over the place.

She Rotates!

BisousUnlike traditional rabbit toys where both the internal and external parts just vibrate, the Bisous does more. The external part does vibrate for clitoral stimulation but the internal part, rotates. She goes round and round and round and round and round… well, you get the point.

Bisous makes for a very interesting toy to play with but it wasn’t instant love at first insertion. I mean it kinda was but it wasn’t… it’s complicated.

When I took the Bisous out of the package, I was pleased to find that she was fully charged and ready for play. I turned her on and watched her rotate and vibrate and I was intrigued. I needed to experience her. And there was no time like the present.

She is made of really smooth, soft silicone. There was no need for lube, I was able to slide her right in. She was a good fit, not too big that I felt over stuffed and not too small that I was wondering if she was inside me. I turned her on and had to giggle when the rotation started. It’s a very different sensation than what I’ve ever felt from a rabbit toy before.

I played around with the various settings. There is a total of twelve combinations of rotating and vibrating modes to play with. The controls are easy to use; just push buttons and things happen.

Jen from BuriedWithKids loves hers. Check her out in action!

Relaxing Massage For Your Vagina

Bisous4With her in place, I lay back and let her work but after a while, I began to feel like I wanted more. The makers of the Bisous state that the rotations happen on your G-spot. I didn’t find that true. This toy didn’t actually reach my G-spot. The rotations where more of a vaginal experience which left me lacking. There just wasn’t enough get up and go stimulation to get me off. Even the clitoral vibrations fell a little short. It felt more like I was getting a relaxing vaginal massage then experiencing something that would make me orgasm.

I liked it, she relaxed me, a little too much since I fell asleep with her on and inside, but there just was no bang for my buck.

An Awkward First Date

Bisous2I think the reason I didn’t orgasm and fell asleep instead was because first, I live with small children that don’t like sleeping at night and second when using the Bisous it’s really awkward to get that in and out motion that usually brings me to orgasm. To me, it was like I was supposed to leave her in place and let her do her thing which she did but didn’t. The whole experience just ended being like an awkward first date that I wanted to end.

Expect for the nap, I enjoyed that.

Like any stressed out woman, I like a nice massage but I need a good pounding to make me cum and the Bisous just doesn’t do that.


Update:  Oct 2014

Unfortunately – we can not find anywhere on the internet that you can purchase the Bisous.  My Secret Luxury no longer carries this toy.



  • Power Source: Rechargable – USB charging system
  • Performance: G-spot and clitoral stimulators
  • Controls: Push button pad
  • Special Features: Rotating G-spot stimulator
  • Vibrations Levels: 6 vibration functions and 2 rotation speeds
  • Ins: Arrives fully charged, good fit, smooth, a massage for the vagina
  • Outs: Rotation and vibrations not strong enough


  • Material: Phthalate free silicone
  • Texture: Smooth and soft
  • Safety Features: Body safe, phthalate free
  • Colors: Pink
  • Manufacturer: Nexus


  • Total Length: N/A
  • Insertable Length: N/A
  • Circumference: N/A
  • Cost: N/A (Prices are subject to change)
  • Warranty: 1 year guarantee

Overall Rating

**Based on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being not so great and 5 being awesome.

  • Noise Level: 5
  • Performance Satisfaction: 3
  • Value for the Price: 3
  • Intensity Level: 3
  • Overall Rating: 3



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