Today’s contest features the Sex & Mischief Intro to S&M Kit!


S & M Info Kit picSo….. Who’s going to be the lucky winner???

Start Your Bondage Games With This Easy Kit! 3 Essentials You Need To Get Started!• Vin… [More]

Your very own handcuffs, blindfold and whip!  We just did a review for this kit earlier today, so check that post out to see how great this is for the bondage beginner!  Whether your a Dom or Sub – you will spice up your sex life!
Valued at  24.95!   Can’t wait to get this kit for yourself – Buy Now

How do I win??

Enter to win until Wednesday night at midnight.  Entering is easy for this contest.  Either leave a comment below telling us what your experience is with S&M OR retweet this tweet to your followers!  AND – – sign up for our email list with your name and email address.  (if you’ve already signed up for our email list – you are good to go with a comment or a tweet!)

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    • Toy With Me

      Hi Heather.
      Sorry to say this contest is over and the winner was announced. We are running a contest right now for the Toy of the Month, and will be starting to have several giveaways during the holiday season, so stay turned!


  1. Heather

    In every aspect of my life, I am a strong, in control female and never imagined that I would ever be submissive, in any way, unless it was an act. Man o man, was I ever wrong. My husband is an undescribable lover who has always reveled in pleasing me (feelings are perfectly mutual) and we have an unusually active sex life, 11+ years in. In the past few years, because of his amazing self and my personal growth (and 65+lb weight loss), my inner sub has escaped and fallen in love with my his mind blowing skills when it comes to being an amazing Dom and helping me realize my submission to him (my personal and suprising yet natural submission, not at his request at all) is not a weakness, but a natural extension of my comfort and trust in him and us. Once I brought my interest & curiosity to him, he yet again rocked my world through his creative experimentation with S&M pleasures & experiences and, yet again, he reigns supreme in my naughty little world of new delights. My favorite quote has thus been forever changed and expresses my feelings exactly and eloquently…”To submit to another means to allow your mind to rest, to place your body in the path of consumate pleasure and to give a GIFT that should be MASTERFULLY taken.” A. Rogers
    ’nuff said. ;o)

  2. Mike

    My wife and I have used tied each other to the bed. It works better when I do it to her though. It was always a fun change and added a new level to our sex life. We’ve had to put this away for awhile now with my stepson living with us since my wife is pretty vocal when we used bondage in the past.

  3. Robert

    Partner and I have been slowly getting into it since she read 50 shades. It really has sparked things in and out of the bedroom. Opened our minds to other things as well. To say she enjoys our new adult fun is an understatement.

  4. Michael

    While not a huge part of our sex life, The Wife and I have done bondage stuff. Mostly just your basic one of us is restrained to the bed…and once a chair…while the other has their way. Bondage is a fun and exciting way to shake up our sex life and I suppose that’s why we don’t do it very often. It adds a spark when things sometimes appear to be getting routine. We have never used a whip or a flogger as to us that indicates pain and sex should not include pain of any kind. If it hurts, it ain’t fun.

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