Traveling With Sex Toys

travelling with sex toysThere are some things I just don’t want to live without, not even for a week. And if it’s for my own good, why should I?! I think of my sex toys as an extension of me … I wouldn’t leave a body part at home while I go off on holiday. You can work within the rules to get your toys along with you on the road.

My first choice of transport for my frisky stowaways is my carry-on bag, but only if they are the type not likely to be hijacked as potential threats inside the cabin. Anything that resembles a weapon or could be used as one is a no-no and goes in your check-on. But if you have more than one toy at home, try to live out your holiday with just the one(s) you can carry on … you will rue the day you lost your favorite, expensive toy to the scowly-faced security guy.

Some toys, like the rubber ducky and Hitachi magic wand, are hard to ID as toys. Consider those first when you pack. Lockable, toy-specific carry bags or a shoe bag can assist with discretion-a welcomed attribute when you’re forced to reveal your goodies to the fuzz. If that happens, explain that you have “personal items” and you can get a private search. Find your happy place and try not to be embarrassed … airport security has seen it all, and harassing a traveler through humiliation about sexual matters is forbidden.

Just like any other liquid you’re trying to carry on, your lubricant and toy cleaner go in a clear zip lock bag. To meet the weight requirements, transfer them to a small container or buy some trial/sample size products. Go with “batteries not included!” You don’t want to be the one with the buzzing suitcase. If your toy is plug and play, put “adaptor” on your “be sure to bring” list.

With precautions taken, you can have the happiest of holidays.

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