Using Lubrication

Lubevilla banner adTo be sure, Mother Nature gets five stars for our body’s power to turn on the juices when we get turned on, but sometimes our natural lubrication isn’t enough to make us friction free. While its functional side relieves vaginal dryness, comforts anal play and helps keep condoms from breaking, lubricant also brings a heightened sensitivity to sex, to which you’ll find no objection from me.

Let your choice of the perfect lube be determined by your wants and needs. The lubricant market is generous indeed, giving us an abundance of types to enjoy. I will give you the low down on the two most popular ways to go down low.

(Note that while oil lubricant is also delightful for sexy slathering, save it for sensual massages. It destroys latex rubber condoms and is not to be used internally or with toys of any material).

Ahh, Silicone

The handy substance that gets credit for some of my most treasured toys also makes for a lubricant that can hold its own. Though more expensive than its counterparts, you get more mileage out of less. A modest dollop keeps going and going, won’t dry up, and repels water, so you can indulge in some slippery aquatic erotica. Silicone is condom safe and less likely to cause an allergic reaction than other types of lube. My two negatives are its capacity to stain sheets and tendency to offend the taste buds. Clean-up requires soap and water, but a little good hygiene never hurt anyone. 😉

Water water everywhere

I like the fact that water-based lubricant comes in varying consistencies, so I can choose the density I want. Water lube is also cost efficient and low maintenance (according to my husband, the opposite of me). You can treat yourself to a candy store of flavours, and even kindle a little fire in the hole with the warming variety. It’s condom compatible and doesn’t usually stain sheets. But, like water, it dries up, so pardon its interruption when you need to reapply. It becomes tacky as it dries so mind where you place yourself if you don’t want to stick. (Just kidding! Reapplication restores its slickness, or you can keep a damp washcloth nearby to clean before round 2).

With or without toys, the right lube and the right mood give your mind and body the freedom to slip slide away.


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