LELO LILY Review – a great first toy!

A few weeks ago, Toy With Me was all, “Would you maybe like to review some sex toys?” And I was like, “Oh, I don’t know, are puppies cute?” And they were all, “Okay, your first toy is in the mail.” And I was like, “Fuck yes.”

And then I waited impatiently. And then sex toy delivery day came and I was more excited than I’ve ever been. Except that one time. And that other time. But besides that? Nothing beats sex toy delivery day. Especially since I didn’t know which toy they had sent me or what I was going to find when I opened the box. It was all kinds of mysterious and exciting, kind of like Christmas morning for my clit, but without the large man with white facial hair and the decorating of dead trees.

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, my clit.

Being that I’m such a clit girl, I couldn’t have been any happier to open the box on sex toy delivery day and find the LELO LILY, a clitoral massager by LELO that definitely lives up to the fact that its name is in all caps.

LELO creates a line of products categorized as “pleasure objects,” and they’re known as the world’s best for a reason: LELO doesn’t fuck around with gorgeously designed and highly user friendly passion products.

My LELO LILY arrived in an elegant gift box, complete with a charger, user manual, and satin storage pouch. My first thought when I pulled my new pleasure object (why can’t I stop saying pleasure object??) out of its box was, “Wee! So little and pink!” which is totally what I imagine people are thinking when they’re all up in my box. Sigh, my LILY and I are so much alike.

After opening my new toy, the rest of the afternoon went like this:

Plug LELO LILY into her charger for the recommended two hour charge time. Try to decide if I think it’s weird that I’m calling her a “her.” Decide it would be weirder if anything named Lily were a “him.” Read the manual. Learn about the five different modes and the intensity and the pulsing. Get excited. Marvel at how much this vibrator resembles an egg. Crave eggs.

Wait impatiently for the charging to be over. Stomp around. Yell to my roommate about my overwhelming desire to masturbate and the need for someone to invent an instantaneous charging process. Keep reading the manual. Learn that a two hour charge equals seven hours of vibration. Shut the hell up with my complaining.

At the end of the two hours, once little LILY was fully charged, it was time for business. Using this vibrator was strange at first, since I’m usually a hands only girl and don’t dedicate a lot of time or relaxation to the process of getting myself off. Or at least that’s who I was, because I’m now thinking that all the rushing is about to become a thing of the past.

Thinking back, I’d like to guesstimate how many times I’ve used my LELO LILY in the past two weeks, but I’m not sure I can count that high. Let’s just say, instead, that I’ve certainly used it enough to try all of the different settings. And then all of the different settings in different combinations. And then all of the different settings in different combinations again for “extra research.” Yes, it has been an exhausting week. Less for me than for LILY though; she’s such a hard worker!

The Pros & Cons

In LILY’s plus column are the seven hour charge, the curved shape that makes it comfortable and easy to use, the soft, smooth finish, the easy ability to control speed and intensity, and the near silent vibration.

The only downside to Miss LELO LILY is that she doesn’t come with a man to test her out with, even after bragging about having such a “couple-friendly” design. Dear LELO: Please remedy this immediately. Other than that though, the only thing I didn’t love was how powerful the highest few speeds were. Maybe I’m overly sensitive, but man, put your LILY on the highest speed and you can feel your ear lobes vibrating.

What’s that? You don’t have a LELO LILY? Don’t worry, the sexy bitches over at My Secret Luxury can fix you up. Your clit will be happier. Which means you’ll be happier. Which means everyone who has to be around you will be happier. Unless you put it on the highest speed and leave it in your pants for seven hours. Then you’ll just be sore. Or your clit will fall off. Or, something.

In other news, here’s a video of me and my LELO LILY. No, it’s not a video of me masturbating. Calm down.

Exclusive Offer!

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75 x 36 x 25 mm


37 grams


Li-lon 200 mAh 3.7 V


2 h at 5.0 V 500 mA

User time:

up to 7 hours


up to 90 days


150 Hz

Max noise level:



variable interface, 5 modes

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  1. Articles like these put the csnouemr in the driver seat—very important.

  2. Hi Girls;

    Lelo Lily is no only for girls I amTransgendered and It is the most wonderful little toy I have ever used. I can invert my penis into myself and I think I feel as close as possible the same joy you girls feeel . it is blissful. just he best ever who needs a man now :-)

  3. shanay-nay says:

    omg this shit looks so kool…lyk im horny just thinkin bout it. mm gimme some of dat lelo lily lmfao! gurl u shud post u using it! hahaha jkjk i lyk men. but anyways i want me one of these, but its sooo much money! gez i cud bye a car with that money lmfao!

  4. Love it!!
    And WHERE did you get that giant wine glass!!? I so want one!!

  5. I LOVE the Swedish, First Ikea then Lilo!!!

  6. LadyCallie says:

    Best review ever! Now the real question is do I want the Lelo Lilly or the Wi VibeII?!?

  7. if mama ain’t happy, then ain’t nobody happy. this sounds like it should do the trick, nicole. you’re an excellent spokesmodel!

  8. I want the Lilly because it will make me popular with the ladies…er,….lady….OK, wife. Sex toys are way more fun than jewelry, well, other than *that* jewelry….but since neither of has any of *that* jewelry, I guess it’s a moot point.
    So I blogged, tweeted and posted. Any thing else I can do?

  9. nic @mybottlesup says:

    you are so damn cute!

    ps- give me LILY.

  10. Your weekend sounds much more exciting than mine!

  11. Oh Peter :)

  12. I could make a video of the birth of my (hypothetical) first born child, and it would be my second favourite video behind this one.

  13. PS There’s no way in HELL you’ll ever convince me that that’s a full bottle of wine…

  14. Damnit Lisa! I was going to post a “that’s what she said” comment until Nicole did. And THEN I was going to post a “I was going to post a “that’s what she said” comment” until you did….grrrrrr.

  15. David- Ha, nice try sir.
    Danese- You can too! Contest contest contest!
    DShan- Why thank you darlin :)
    Lisa- Great minds!
    Rachel- You know how much that crush is reciprocal honey pie.

  16. you’re cute. i have a total girl crush on you. no, really. like. i’d do you.


    i’m the proud owner of the LELO LIV vibrator and i’m not even joking a little when I tell you that it changed my goddamn life. these things are most definitely worth their price. they are pretty, they work forEVER after charging, they are super well made, they have different modes (seriously, the LIV has a pulse mode that ahhhhh.. you get it), they light up, they get you off.

  17. DAMN IT! When you mentioned the hole for charging, I was thinking “That’s what she said” right before you actually said it. FUCK

  18. Jack, an iPod changer, and capped off with a ‘that’s what she said’.

    Pure genius.

  19. OMG I WANT IT. I am so super jealous you got one for freeee!

  20. I’m confused. You’re going to have to post a demo using it. Otherwise, I’ll still be confused. And you don’t want your readers to be confused, do you? Yeah, a demo will clear everything up for me. Probably the longer the demo the better too…just to clear any and all confusion.

    Ok, thanks.