What’s All The Buzz About?

139833209438195434-ola-vibrator-minna-lifeIf you ran into me at BlogHer ’11 then you already know the answer – Minna Ola!

The newly released highly innovative squeezeable never want to put her down once you touch her vibe.

YES!  That Minna Ola!

Thanks to my incredible sponsors at Babeland I had the stimulating pleasure of demonstrating Ola live to all the sexy amazing women I met. My life sucks, I know.

Being the givers that they are Babeland supplied me with an Ola (No, not the one in the picture. Keeping it classy)  as a contest prize for one horny lucky lady.

Entering was simple, follow Jenna and Amanda’s lead, just play with Ola. With contest rules like that how could you not enter? Let’s just say Ola was passed around more then a bottle of lube at an orgy.  Getting her back was a different story.

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the BlogHer ’11 WINNER of the Minna Ola, compliments of my seductive sponsors at Babeland.com is …..

Deb Rox from Deb On The Rocks.  Congratulations Deb!!


That was not all the excitement to be had at BlogHer though. Krista from Babeland and myself hosted a kick-ass partee!  The location was seductively sexy, with plush red velvet couches, where we served tiny bowls of decadent edible body chocolate with strawberries for dipping. Delish! And of course, what sex toy party wouldn’t be complete without a penis candy necklace eating contest.  Again, keeping it classy.  It was a tight race with SEXucator winning, followed closely by Maniacal Mom.

Of course we all know no BlogHer party is complete without S-W-A-G. Obviously!  The awesome LtripleR couldn’t have been happier. I mean swag is pretty cool, but sex toy swag, well that’s just full of the awesome!

Thanks so much to each and everyone of you for joining Babeland and myself for an evening filled condoms, lube and butt plugs.  It was a thrill to meet all of you!



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