When It Comes To The Sex Do You Ever Wonder, Is this NORMAL?!

ID-10057302Have you ever been in the middle of having the best sex of your life and suddenly your leg cramps up? Or he pulls out and you abruptly become a whoopee cushion of epic proportions?  Remember the time you had that toe curling orgasm, only to discover you had “peed” the bed?

You probably wondered if any of this was normal?  Were you the “one off” girl that these things only happen to?  You couldn’t tell your girlfriends because who wants to be the topic of next Saturday nights gossip fest as they sit and sip their cheap Boone’s wine and bitch about the chicks at work.

When I asked my girlfriends to anonymously answer some questions via survey, the answers that came back were fucking hilarious!  Seriously, here I was thinking I was the only woman who many of these things happened to!  Au contraire Mon frère! Ladies, we are not alone in our uniqueness!

Vaginal Farting

If you stick out your pinky finger and put on a British accent, you can totally call this “Queefing” and hot damn, we are NOT alone! In fact,  up to 95% of women will experience vaginal “flatulence” in their lifetime!  Queefing comes from air building up in the vaginal canal and then when we bear down, as we often do when we are having fucking fantastic sex, the air is pushed back out.  Usually, the air builds up between the head of the penis and the top of vaginal canal.  The penis comes out, the air follows.  Terrific!  Wouldn’t you like to see a small toot, ya know, like from Popeye’s (pun intended) corn cob pipe coming from that little one eyed snake?  How about just like a slide whistle?  I vote for peefing!  Yes, air escaping from the head of his penis, adding to the symphony of air escaping our naughty bits!

Excessive Discharge From Your Vagina 

Okay, this can go one of two ways.  A) Thank your lucky stars if you are a woman with a juicy lady garden!  Many women struggle with having a dry vagina and if you are fortunate enough to not need a vat of lube to bump uglies, you should be happy!  Lots of vaginal discharge shouldn’t be a BIG concern unless….. B) Vaginal discharge is dark yellow, or greenish in color.  Is lumpy like cottage cheese, has a foul smell and/or taste to it.  It hurts to urinate or have sex and you experience pain.  These symptoms…BAD…NO BUENO!  These are signs of infection and possibly a very serious one at that!  If in doubt….get your vajayjay checked out!  It might be a simple yeast infection; it might be a sign of a much larger issue!  Ask the cute Gyno to go down on you and make sure your bits are healthy!

Extemely Wet Orgasms

Picture this…you are having the best sex of your life!  You’re firing on all pistons, the engine is humming and you are suddenly having an orgasm that is shooting ET like beams out of your fingers, toes and you literally feel like your brain is going to pop out of  the top of your skull!  Immediately following those sensations, you feel the liquid beginning to pool on the sheets….SHIIIIIIIT!!!!  Instantly your brain goes in to “what the fuck have I done?!?!?” mode.  Your mini me is telling you that you have literally pissed the bed.  Not to fret, this is perfectly normal and definitely encouraged. Trust your Inner Goddess as she jumps up and down over experiencing your very first “squirting” or “gushing” orgasm!!!  Your manly man will be mentally high fiving himself for hitting that elusive “G Spot” thus securing his place in the orgasm hall of fame with his buddies! (*on a side note…if your man boy is suddenly screaming like a girl and asking you why you peed the bed…time to get a NEW BOY TOY!!!)  Any man worth his pubes will be able to recognize what has happened and should be doing the end zone dance!!!

Mind Numbing Headaches After an Orgasm

Funny enough…this type of headache is called a “head banger headache” (Seriously???)  Sex can be loosely viewed as “exercise” (It’s certainly MY KIND of exercise!!)  If your partner is any good, you are breaking a sweat and making a hell of a lot of noise doing it!  Many people hold their breath during orgasm, and this in and of itself can cause a headache…ask any toddler having a temper tantrum if their head hurts as they begin to turn 50 shades of purple!  If the headache lasts several hours with no relief from pain killers, be sure to get it checked out.  It can be a sign of something much more serious.

Making a List and Checking it Twice

Admit it, you’ve mentally compiled a grocery list at least a few hundred times while getting your sexy on. You’ve also compared lovers, designed the perfect bedroom décor and probably planned your grandmother’s 95th birthday party too.  Let’s just strip naked and cop to doing a fuck ton of shit in our heads while we are mid thrust…ADMIT IT!!!!  The god’s honest truth is we are wickedly over worked and over stressed.  Sometimes, we physically want to have sex, but mentally, we are filing taxes.  It’s okay if it happens once in a while, after all, mercy sex can be to our advantage, even if we aren’t there mentally.  Sometimes, we just want to be a good partner and say yes, when everything in us wants to say “HELL NO!”  Trouble may be brewing if you are RARELY mentally available during sex.  If all you do is plan the community bottle drive and alphabetize the classroom volunteer list while your partner moans and groans above you, I highly recommend you get your ass into some therapy, couples or other.  Nobody wants to have sex with a person who would rather be doing ANYTHING but!  Do your best to be present for the sex and I promise that those gushing orgasms will come more often than not!

Do tell, toy with me’ers…what have you experienced that made you run to the google and self-diagnose?

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  1. Biskuat

    Love it! Never thought of doing just a sound recording before, but it’s so intriguing and definitely sexy. More people should hear this so that they know what an orgasm sounds like from someone other than themselves or a porn star.

  2. Allyn

    Fantastic article sister! A friend of mine turned me on to this web log recently and I have to say that most men, womyn and everyone in-between need to see more articles like this one. Sex is one of those taboo topics that too many people only find information on from the overly sanitized, liposuctioned, and lets face it all too bizarre releases from Hollywood. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and hopefully illuminating that YES we all have bodies and all of them do many amazing things. When we are able to share the intimacy, animalism, sweaty fun our bodies allow we do not need to feel self-conscious for having completely normal responses, even if – ESPECIALLY IF that means the two (or more) of us need a shower and to change the sheets after!
    As long as we are safe, sane and consensual we should relax and just enjoy ourselves! Cheers sister for having the courage to help normalize what is so incredibly common, if uncommonly spoken about.

    • Toy With Me

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Allyn! We’re go glad you found us and enjoyed the article. Our goal is to make sure discussions about sex are no longer taboo, as you said. We believe everyone should embrace their body, not just how it looks but also how it functions. It’s natural and normal. Thank you so much for kudos!

  3. Toy With Me

    I must admit the first time I had a squirting orgasm it freaked me the fuck out! I was initially embarrassed but once I realized it was ‘normal’ it was full steam ahead to achieve it again and again and again!

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