• cleans easily
  • 2-in-1. Lubricant and moisturizer
  • enhances sensuality


  • slightly stringy coming out of the bottle

You decide to go for a walk in the rain but don’t intend to bring an umbrella. Make sense? No? So why would you embark upon a sensual session with your favorite toy without the accompaniment to amp it up to optimal? I know you don’t want to stop your va va voom short at va va! Neither did I. When I read the label of Astroglide, I was quite sure I had found my voom.

I knew from experience that in addition to making natural or condom play more comfortable for both parties, lubricant can also intensify stimulation to infinity. So I had built-in expectations for my next lube of choice, but wanted one that would exceed them. Something light, natural feeling, non-irritating and hassle-free. I concede, I can tend to be about aesthetics. I’ll blame it on instinct. The first thing I liked about Astroglide is the vibrant packaging that mimics the body’s contours with a sleek curving bottle in shades of my favorite purple and sexy red. It made me want to get flexible also if you know what I mean.

But inside the tantalizing shell is what won Astroglide my vote. It’s moisturizing, and it’s super light, designed to be virtually indistinguishable from the vagina’s natural lubricant. (Yes, sometimes she needs a bit of help due to age, antihistamines, decongestants, and low estrogen levels from pregnancy, menopause, premenopause, menstrual cycle changes, or contraceptives). I like slick! The slicker the better … Astroglide is a “super slick” long-lasting formula. And I appreciate that it comes from a reputable source. Since 1991, the innovative Bio Film Inc. has been among the globe’s pack leaders in high-quality lube sales, and they concoct it in a FDA-registered facility with strict in-house quality procedures. That’s good stuff.

astroglide liquid lubricant with the box

Being water-based gives Astroglide a leg up (wee!) in the versatility department, as, unlike silicone, I can use it with silicone toys. My first date with Astroglide was to help me review the JimmyJane Form 6 vibrator. Coming out of the bottle it was a bit stringy, but being water-based it didn’t stay that way. My vibe felt smooth as butter after its Astro-rubdown. Inside me it felt slick and moisturizing. It made inserting my Form 6′s larger end a slippery, stimulating delight. Even this long-lasting formula didn’t last long enough (maybe I’m the real Energizer Bunny!) and water-based lube dries and gets tacky. But a quick reapplication from my curvy purple friend got me re-slipified. Another perk of water-based lube is easy clean-up because its water soluble. Score!

Ins and Outs


  • Slightly stringy coming out of the bottle but does smooth out.
  • Dries and feels tacky, but just reapply.


  • No pesky irritants to ruin a play.
  • Leaves zero residue and cleans easily with water.
  • Gives sensuality and pleasure a giant lift!
  • Lubricant plus moisturizer. I love 2-for-1.


  • Promotes safe sex! Condom friendly.
  • Odorless. No distractions in the schnoz department.
  • Neutral taste. Unless you’re giving me flavors, give me nothing!
  • Handy squeeze bottle.
  • Toy compatible. Come out and play!