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best sex positions for pregnant

7 Best Sex Positions While Pregnant

Are you or your partner expecting a baby soon? Most couples tend to see this as a cock-blocking condition, which is a very misguided view! In fact, several surveys and researches show that most women get hornier when pregnant! It’s totally ok to bang it…

best large condoms
Safety and Toy Care

8 Best Large Condoms in 2020

Although we’d all like to say we need extra-large condoms for our disproportionately sized wangs, this isn’t the case for most. We’ve all had that childhood friend who slipped a large condom over their head just below the nose and proceeded to inflate it in…

how to make a dildo

How to Make a Dildo at Home

Sex toys are your best friends when you’re home alone and feeling playful at the same time. In times of social distancing, it’s extremely important to keep yourself satisfied without putting others at risk. The British online marketplace OnBuy conducted the research, which showed that…

best lube for sensitive skin
Safety and Toy Care

6 Best Lubes for Sensitive Skin in 2020

There’s nothing worse than applying lubricant only to find out that it causes irritation after you’ve enjoyed a nice passionate moment in the bedroom. Whether it’s an itching, burning or throbbing sensation that’s getting in the way of your pleasure, finding a lube that fits…

best quiet vibrators
Tech, Vibrators

10 Best Quiet Vibrators in 2020

Let’s imagine you’re staying at a hotel for a second, and you’ve just got back from an exhausting meeting. You’re just about ready to tuck in for the night when you remember you’ve brought your favorite toy with you! It’s already charged, so you whip…

fun and crazy sex positions

Fun and Crazy Sex Positions To Enjoy

Most people dream about having wild passionate sex, but they are too afraid to come out of their comfort zones and try something new and exciting. Crazy sex is about experiments. You need to know your body and the body of your partner well to…

how to use a clit vibrator

How to Use a Clit Vibrator

Every person with a clitoris values this tiny part of their body and tries to make the most out of it due to the impressive pleasure a clitoris can provide. In fact, this small organ serves the most sensitive part of the female genitals and…