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vibrator types you should know

Vibrator Types You Should Know and Own

Vibrators have been used by humanity for centuries. A vibrator is one of the swiftest ways to get intense sexual pleasure immediately. That said, vibrators are available in various shapes and designs. Because there are so many of them, some may not know which one…

best lesbian sex positions

7 Best Lesbian Sex Positions

Any couple happens to face troubles when it comes to diversity in their sex life with a partner. Lesbians are no exception! In fact, for some girls, it may seem dispiriting that there are only so many sex positions to try with a girlfriend. But…

how to use rabbit vibrator

What is a Rabbit Vibrator, and How to Use It?

The XXI century brought transparency in terms of sex. People are becoming more open when it comes to this once tabooed topic. On Instagram, you can find hundreds of sex bloggers who not only give recommendations about sex but share their personal experience without a…

best sex positions for women

The Best Sex Positions for Women

If you struggle to have orgasms in bed with your partner, it doesn’t mean that you’re cursed. It means that you are doing something wrong. A female orgasm is not something that is achieved easily (like a male orgasm) but something that needs hard work….

best positions for anal sex

6 Best Positions for Anal Intercourse

Anal sex might be pretty exotic for some heterosexual and lesbian couples. If gay love birds engage in anal often, others may not share their passion for this type of sex and avoid it. Moreover, some people consider anal sex as taboo and freak out…

best sex toys for traveling
For Her

13 Best Sex Toys for Traveling in 2020

Going on holiday or on a business trip can be fun, or it can be a complete drag. The worst part about both isn’t the tummy disorder you get from the local food or waiting for the reception for a few hours. The worst part…

g-spot anatomy and how to find it

G-Spot Anatomy and How to Find It

The G-spot has been a contradictory topic for many years. The thorough research started back in the 1940s, but only in 1981, this spot was named after German gynecologist Gräfenberg and became the G-spot. Even if you like many others are still in doubt about…