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best gay sex positions

Best Gay Sex Positions

Spicing up sex life is always challenging, but no one has ever said that it’s boring. You need to remember that the best gay sex positions are those which are comfortable, not painful, and pleasant for both. Gay couples are blessed with hundreds of sex…

how to make him cum faster and harder

How to Make Him Cum Faster and Harder

Does your man have difficulties getting aroused? Or maybe you feel like you’re doing something wrong in bed? Don’t tell me that you even googled “how to use a strap-on” and decided to become a professional strap player for the rest of your life. Whatever…

best sex furniture

15 Best Sex Furniture in 2020

While some people love trendy interior design, others are fine with something functional and minimalistic. If you’re reading this post however, you want furniture that can give you pleasure alongside just a pretty looking living room. In this post, we cover the best sex furniture,…

best huge anal beads
For Anal

6 Best Huge Anal Beads in 2020

Anal beads are great, but sometimes you just want something a little bigger. Something that provides a more-full feeling and can stimulate you in the best way possible. If this sounds like something you’re looking for, then you’ve surfed to the right page! In this…

best flavored condoms
Safety and Toy Care

7 Best Flavored Condoms in 2020

Love the weird, rubbery taste of slippery latex? If you’re reading this post, we’re guessing you don’t. Although condoms are the perfect solution to preventing STDs, they’re also a bit of a nuisance sometimes. When it comes to giving head, it’s bad enough when your…