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A necessity for every man who wants to be able to pleasure himself in the best way possible, the male masturbator is a toy that can’t be ignored. These men’s toys are great for stimulating yourself, or even for training your stamina in the sack. But, how can you choose the best male masturbator for your needs?

In this article, we will dive deeper into the subject of male masturbators, so you can make the right choice. No matter your reason to get one of these fantastic male toys, we’ll make sure you can purchase with confidence!

What is a male masturbator?

The name says it all really, but just in case some of you were born on Jupiter, a male masturbator is a men’s toy used to improve the stimulation of masturbation. These toys are growing in popularity and a lot of men simply couldn’t imagine their lives without one!

Top Picks:

Stoya – Destroya Fleshlight
TENGA Flip Hole
Fun Factory Cobra Libre II
Turbo Thrust (Blue Ice) Fleshlight
Kiiroo Titan
TENGA 3D Spiral Textured Male Masturbator
Quickshot: Vantage
TENGA Zero Flip Hole EV
Zhang Xiao Yu’s Realistic Pussy Masturbator
Doc Johnson The Tube
Hot Octopuss Pulse III
Kiiroo Onyx 2

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What are male masturbators used for?

This may be a weird follow up question from the last paragraph, however, these toys aren’t just used as toys; they can have some pretty big benefits too. Obviously, a lot of men will just use it to jack off and be done with it, but even if you use it that way, it’s a great stress reliever and can also make you feel great!

Also, a lot of men use masturbators for stamina training. It’s been proven that the size of your penis isn’t important (well, not as much as you think), however having some stamina in the bedroom will almost guarantee more pleasure for your female or male counterpart. Here’s a great article that covers the point of penis size and bedroom performance.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, this is a great tool to use for practice. Also, if you’re like most men and often get a little too excited, you may want to try it too and see if you can add a few minutes to your sessions!

How to choose the best male masturbator for you and what to take into account

There are many different things you should take into account when looking for the best male masturbator. We’ll now cover some of the things to think about before purchasing your men’s toy.


When talking about masturbators, the first thing you may think of is your penis size. Yes, that is definitely something you should take into account, but you should bear in mind that these products are made to fit almost everyone. It’s for this reason that your penis size usually isn’t an issue unless you are an extreme case of large or small.

The size of the toy itself is something you should really consider in any situation. If you want to carry it around with you or travel with it, you are going to go for a different model than when you just want to use it indoors. Also, if you don’t have enough storage space, or want to keep it hidden from your children, wife or even parents then the size is something that comes into play here too!


This one’s obvious, but the quality of your male masturbator is very important. This is something that usually goes hand in hand with price, but this isn’t always the case. Check out some of the reviews and make sure your purchase is not only of good quality but also safe and non-allergic! Luckily, you won’t have this problem with any of the products on our list of the best male masturbators further down in this article!

Realistic, fetish or something else?

Depending on what gets you off, you will pick the aesthetics that best suit you. If you are into some freaky stuff, don’t skip on the weirder models and get something you will be proud to call your own! If you are looking for something that feels very realistic, for stamina training or even just for pleasure, then look for masturbators that suit your needs!

Anal, vaginal or oral?

You may not be in the position to ask yourself this question often, however, when choosing the right male masturbator for you, you’re definitely spoiled with choice. Make sure you take this into account, or if you are feeling impulsive you may even indulge in all three!

What is your reason for using a male masturbator?

As we’ve already stated, if you are using a male masturbator for stamina training you should go for one that’s more realistic and highly stimulating. If you are getting one for pleasures-sake, then go crazy and get exactly what you want!

Make, model and brand?

There are different varieties of male masturbators out there and it goes further than just fleshlights and pocket pussies. Obviously, these are the best-known ones, but there is more to choose from. If you are a fan of a certain brand then this will influence your choice, if you are looking for a certain effect or features, then this too will affect which male masturbator is best for you.


If you are a fast-buck, then getting a less stimulating model may be a better way of starting out if you are just purchasing your first male masturbator. If you just want maximum pleasure, go for one that’s tighter and more stimulating!


Depending on any allergies you have you may need to look out for certain materials. Most companies will state what materials their products are made of and also provide any allergy warnings where needed so please bear this in mind. If you know you are allergic to a certain material then there are multiple variables that you can still use, so don’t get yourself down!


Last but not least, the big P word… I know we would all like to go for a sex doll priced at 7k, but if we don’t have the money then we’re not going to buy one, are we…? Make sure you don’t break the bank on your purchase. But again, don’t try and pinch pennies too much as it could take away from the quality or sensation you may have. This may even lead to paying more, even though you think you are paying less.

Luckily, we have enough variation on our list of the best male masturbators to ensure you will be able to get one at the right price, and also cover all of your needs! So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

12 Best Male Masturbators:

Stoya – Destroya Fleshlight

Destroys Your Desires With Pleasure

stoya destroya
This fleshlight, modeled after Stoya, is top of the line and will leave you in a great mood! This male masturbator is highly stimulating and will satisfy all of its users.

With an insertable length of 9 inches, you definitely won’t be pushed for room, however this most certainly doesn’t mean you can’t use it if you aren’t that large. This model is tight and narrows the further you get inside!

It is priced middle of the pack compared to some of the other models on this list

Fleshlight offers discreet billing and shipping, a secured checkout and have sold over 12 million fleshlights already! When ordering from this company you definitely can’t go wrong!

Pros: Modeled after Stoya, Highly stimulating, Insertable length of 9 inches, Product by flashlight

Cons: Doesn’t offer as many features and functionalities as some of the other models on this list

TENGA Flip Hole

The Male Toy That Puts on the Pressure

tenga black flip hole masturbator
The Tenga Flip Hole is a little different, yet it is still highly stimulating and offers its users a lot of extra control. You can increase or relieve the grip strength using the buttons at the side of this male masturbator. Along with all of this, it even comes with some free lube!

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction then this is the perfect model for you! The technology used in this male masturbator allows you to use it even without an erection!

This model will surely get you off and is priced well for the features it offers!

Pros: Add or remove pressure using the buttons, Can be used even if you have ED, Good price for its cool features

Cons: Not automatic like some of the other ones on this list

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

The Luxury Male Masturbator

fun factory cobra libre ii
This luxury sex toy is ideal if you want top-level stimulation and want a luxury option to get it. This toy focusses on the head of the penis and massages the most sensitive part of your penis using 2 quiet, yet powerful motors.

This model only has an insertable length of 3.5 inches, but that’s the whole point! With this male masturbator on hand you won’t have to put in any work ever again. It does it all for you and makes sure you get off with not only the least effort possible but also in a way that will leave you wanting more.

If this wasn’t enough reasons to buy, then what I am about to tell you will most certainly get you excited. The whole toy is waterproof, and it’s safe to use in the shower or in the bath! The creators truly thought of everything when creating this model!

This smaller model allows for easy storage and is priced very reasonably for all the different features it has.

Pros: Safe to use in the shower or bathtub, Highly stimulating and focusses on the most sensitive part of the penis, Easy to store, Good value for money

Cons: A little more expensive than some of the other models on this list

Turbo Thrust (Blue Ice) Fleshlight

The See-Through Thruster

turbo thrust blue ice
This blowjob imposter will leave your mind blown at how well it does its job. This model was created to simulate oral sex and it feels fantastic!

This is a great toy to try out together with your partner, and even comes with added visual stimulation… But how can a male masturbator come with visual stimulation? I hear you ask… Simple, because it’s see-through!

If you’ve ever wanted to see what goes on down there then this is the ideal toy for you! Sized just like most of the other fleshlights, you can be sure you are purchasing a great product from a great company.

This model is priced reasonably low and is definitely worth buying.

Pros: Simulates oral sex, See-through for added visual stimulation, One of the cheaper models on this list

Cons: Doesn’t have as many features as some of the other models

Kiiroo Titan

The Titan of Male Masturbators

kiiroo titan
This model is completely off the charts and it’s absolutely remarkable what Kiiroo has managed to pull off with this toy. The Kiiroo Titan is the crème de la crème when it comes to male sex toys and stamina enhancing male masturbators.

With a variety of different features and 6 different vibration modes, you will never get boarded of training! This toy has 9 vibrating motors and can even be linked to other sex toys!

Along with all of this, you can link it to online interactive content and it’s very quiet so it doesn’t sound like a spaceship is taking off in your room! It has a good insertable length of 19cm’s (7.5 inches) and is priced superbly in our opinion.

This model is a little more expensive than the others on this list but this isn’t by a long shot and that just goes to show what this company is doing to the market. Truly great value for money.

Pros: 6 different vibration modes so you will never bore of this item, Highly stimulating, Can link to interactive content, Good value for money

Cons: One of the more expensive models on this list

TENGA 3D Spiral Textured Male Masturbator

The Pocket Pussy With Easy Grip

tenga 3d spiral textured male masturbator
Lovehoney always chooses great products and the TENGA 3D Spiral Textured Male Masturbator is no exception. This toy was created with ease of use in mind and is great if you want something with a tight fit and a lot of stimulation.

This male masturbator has a ribbed texture on the outside along with a hexagonal spiral to ensure it never slips out of your hand! This item on the list is made from antibacterial material so you can use it safely.

This male masturbator is one of the cheapest male masturbators on this list and is no lightweight when it comes to pleasure!

Pros: Tight fit to increase stimulation, Easy to grip to make sure it never slips out of your hand, Antibacterial material to make sure you can keep it clean for longer

Cons: Not as many features as some of the other products on this list

Quickshot: Vantage

The Toy That Will Get You off in One Quick Shot

quickshot vantage
This small but highly arousing male toy makes up for its lack of size by providing a truly wonderful sensation. The Quickshot: Vantage had openings on both sides which make it great for use together with your partner.

This male masturbator is one of the smaller models that Fleshlight has to offer, so can be easily taken with you wherever you go. Also, it is easy to store which makes the buying decision even easier!

This fleshlight is easy to clean due to its design and is one of the cheapest male masturbators that fleshlight offers!

Pros: Easy to clean, Holes on both sides so great to use as added stimulation along with your partner, Small so easy to travel with and store, One of the cheaper models on the list

Cons: Doesn’t have as many features as some of the other models on this list

TENGA Zero Flip Hole EV

Pocket Pussy Meets Vibrator

tenga zero flip hole ev
This is a sort of male masturbator meets vibrator kind of piece of technology and is truly one for the geeks among us. Even if you aren’t a tech fan, the TENGA Zero Flip Hole EV is a great tool to get you off in the best way imaginable.

This may be one of the most stimulating models on this list as it has both the texture of a normal packet pussy, but also includes the vibrations of some of the other male masturbators. This one is definitely in the race when it comes to the best automatic male masturbator!

It includes 5 different vibration settings and a manual pressure pad to create suction. If all of this isn’t enough, it’s also semi-transparent so you can watch yourself go!

This model is slightly on the expensive side but is worth every penny if you ask us!

Pros: 5 different vibration settings, Semi-transparent so you can see yourself while you have fun, Combines both a pocket pussy and a vibrator, Great value for money

Cons: Slightly more expensive than some of the other models on the list

Zhang Xiao Yu’s Realistic Pussy Masturbator

The Male Masturbator Modelled After Zhang Xiao Yu

zhang xiao yus realistic pussy masturbator
This pocket pussy was modeled after the pussy of the famous Chinese porn star: Zhang Xiao Yu! If you are looking for an ultimate realistic experience then this male masturbator is definitely for you!

This model looks very realistic and feels like it on the inside too! You will be constantly reminded of the fact that it’s modeled after a real vagina when using this male toy. This model is completely waterproof so you can even enjoy its wonderful sensation in the tub, or in the shower!

This model is on the more expensive end when it comes to the pocket pussies on this list, however, if you are looking for a realistic experience then this is a superb option to go with.

Pros: Modeled after Zhang Xiao Yu, Ultra-realistic look and feel, Waterproof

Cons: Slightly expensive for the features you get

Doc Johnson The Tube

The Cheap and Cheerful Male Masturbator

doc johnson the tube
This is the cheap and cheerful model on the list and is a great option if you are looking for a quick and cheap model which will do the job. If you are looking for something fancy or extremely stimulating this model probably won’t be for you, however, if you want something life like for a low price it’s the best one on the list!

The Doc Johnson The Tube male masturbator is made from the most lifelike material on the planet. It’s also made in America which the company seems to be very proud of.

This model is priced the same as a very cheap lunch or an expensive Starbucks coffee. You can’t go wrong really for this price.

Pros: Very cheap, Great for beginners, Easy to travel with

Cons: Not one of the best models on this list

Hot Octopuss Pulse III

The Automatic Male Masturbator Filled With Features

hot octopuss pulse iii
With extreme sensations and a very cheap price for the number of features it offers, the Hot Octopulse III is one of the best candidates on the list for the best automatic male masturbator.

This model has 5 vibration settings, and you can adjust the speed to suit your needs too! It’s completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower, or bath, and it charges magnetically!

This male masturbator is truly one of the best automatic male masturbators out there and is stimulating beyond belief.

This model is very cheap for the features you get but comes in the middle of the pack compared to all the models on this list.

Pros: 5 vibration settings to ensure you’ve never had enough, Great value for money, Waterproof, Speed adjustment for extra control, Automatic male masturbator

Cons: Not one of the cheaper models

Kiiroo Onyx 2

The Male Masturbator That Delivers 120 Strokes Per Minute

kiiroo onyx 2
This may just be the best model on the list and even just scrolling on the home page is an experience in itself! This model is great for building immense stamina, and also great if you are looking for one of the best experiences you can find in a toy.

This model boasts 120 strokes per minute… ON AUTOPILOT! This makes it the best hands-free male masturbators. No hands needed, not one ounce of energy wasted. Its lightweight design makes it great for use on the go and the features this product has are out of this world.

This male masturbator has ten pressure rings to simulate intercourse like no other model on this list can do. All this while still being as quiet as a mouse! This model may be priced on the higher end of this list but is great value for money.

Pros: 10 pressure rings to simulate intercourse as well as possible, 120 strokes per minute, A device that can be used hands-free, Great value for money, Automatic male masturbator, Lightweight and easy to travel with

Cons: One of the more expensive models on this list


How should I clean my male masturbator?

Cleaning should always be done using cleaning products made especially for these types of materials, along with warm water. Using alcohol or soaps can damage the toys and cause wear and tear.

Make sure you let the material dry well, even using a paper towel to dry it off with. Leaving it wet may increase the likely hood of bacterial and fungal build up.

How can I keep my masturbator in the best condition possible?

There are special powders available to keep the skin as realistic as possible. Cleaning the product is also very important and should be done carefully, and without using harmful soaps or alcohol.

Do these products really feel realistic?

Yes! Especially the ones labeled as realistic feel are a lot like the real thing. These products were created to feel like a real vagina and they have done a very good job at replicating it!